Announcing the Clarity + SEOPress plugin integration now live!


We are excited to announce that we’ve integrated with SEOPress, a leading WordPress SEO plugin. SEOPress is an SEO plugin for WordPress, helping sites optimize their content for search engines, search rankings and conversions. We’re excited to integrate with them and offer behavioral data analytics to the over 230,000 sites already using SEOPress. 

How does the integration work

The Clarity x SEOPress integration allows you to improve the user experience to maximize your conversions and SEO presence: 

  • Microsoft Clarity is a free tool, without limitations, which captures recording sessions of your users’ actions, generates heatmaps (hot / cold areas on your pages), and can detect, thanks to the various metrics offered, the design elements that pose problems within your WordPress site 
  • The SEOPress plugin enables you to optimize quickly and easily the SEO of your WordPress site. Boost your traffic, increase your sales and conversions, and maximize your income.  

With Clarity integrated directly in the SEOPress WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly configure your behavioral analytics within your WordPress site. 

Add Clarity to your site today!

Use our insights and analytics to wow your website visitors!

Getting started 

To get started, go to the Clarity website then log in using your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account. 

Create a Microsoft Clarity project 

Once logged into the Clarity dashboard, click on the Add new project button. 

Enter a name, the URL of your WordPress site, then select a category and validate. 

Your new project then appears in the dashboard. 

Click the gear icon to access project settings. 

From the Overview tab, copy the project ID. 

Finally, log in to your WordPress administration. 

Go to SEO, Analytics, Clarity tab, then paste the project ID in the appropriate field. 

Save changes. 

You can now go to your Clarity dashboard and get user behavior analytics data for your website.  

This data can help you understand your users and optimize many facets of SEO, such as: 

  • Understanding user intent 
  • Optimizing your content and website design 
  • Reducing bounce rates 
  • Improving conversion rates 
  • Optimize your user experience (UX) 

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. With Microsoft Clarity and SEOPress, get invaluable data from your visitors in minutes. The relevance of the information captured is such that it becomes almost child’s play to optimize the user experience of your site. Thanks to the different metrics offered by the tool, you can quickly identify design issues or confusion and make effective decisions to increase your conversions and ultimately your SEO.” 

Benjamin Denis, CEO at SEOPress 

We hope you enjoy the latest Clarity integration with SEOPress and use it to see what areas of your WordPress site may need updates or changes. With this integration, we look forward to welcoming the many SEOPress users to our Clarity family! 

For more information, visit: Find my Microsoft Clarity Project ID – SEOPress