Google Analytics Integration: Find Out How Connecting GA & Clarity Benefits You!

You utilize Google Analytics for many reasons: to see how people (and who) find your website, track what they do once they arrive there, and to learn more about conversions to define strategy. However, did you know that by pairing it with Microsoft Clarity you can maximize your insights? 

Google Analytics collects and displays to you raw data about your website such as sessions, users, page views, goal completions and more. This data comes as preliminary information to help you understand how people interact with your website. However, what’s missing is the ability to represent that raw data visually in recordings that come alive, showing the insights behind the data. Clarity makes it easier to interpret that data!

Linking Clarity to Google Analytics

1. Go to Clarity’s Google Analytics integration page to learn how to install Clarity with GA.

a. Go to Setup and select Get Started under Google Analytics integration.

b. You’ll be redirected to Google to sign in. Choose an account or enter an email by selecting ‘Use another account’ and follow the steps.

c. On the dialog box, select the web property you would like Clarity to send data.

If you see the site in the ‘Site to connect’ menu

Select the site from the menu and select Save. You’ll be redirected to the Clarity Setup page.

If you don’t see the site in the ‘Site to connect’ menu

Select the option to enter your site manually (see steps in link).

2. After you’re done with setup, you’ll now see a Google Analytics tab appear under your projects. You’ll also be able to explore a Clarity dimension within Google Analytics, which will add a URL to each page session that allows you to directly view Session Recordings and Heatmaps.

Benefits of adding Clarity

You can combine the visual learning behavior data of Clarity with the metric behavior data of Google Analytics to produce a very strong data set for your website or business.

1. Visualize Data:

Have you ever sifted through your websites Google Analytics data wishing there was an easier way to visualize, filter, and understand the data in a meaningful way? Clarity does just that, allowing you to watch session recordings for Google Analytics segments to better understand the data, so you to make more educated decisions for your business.

Integrating your Clarity project with Google Analytics is easy, and allows Clarity to link session playbacks with your Google Analytics dashboard (see above). Once you identify the sessions you need more information on, just jump to the GA Dashboard to debug and understand user pain points.

2. Understand Customer Behavior:

The whole reason we use software like Google Analytics is to understand what our customers want, and how we can improve their experience with us. Raw data is great, but with Clarity your understanding is taken a step further with Session Recordings (a feature that allows you to see how people are actually using your site through recorded sessions), Heatmaps (which allows you to determine the ideal page length for maximum conversions and show how far your users scroll on pages), and report visualizations. These features allow you to not only see the numbers but put yourself directly in the shoes of the customers.

3. Improve GA Goals:

Being able to measure the success of your businesses efforts is key to understanding what’s working and what’s not. Goals in Google Analytics are trackable user interactions within your website that you deem to be the most valuable to your business. Without Goals, you might still get some valuable insights from Google Analytics about the use of your website. However, those insights will probably just lead to questions about if and how those results positively or negatively impact your business’s success. The use of Google Analytics goals is improved greatly with Clarity. Clarity allows you to explore sessions where users complete a goal and get insights into why some users drop off. You can also view related recordings and heatmaps for every step in the funnel. Goals are automatically imported into Clarity, so there is no need to re-create them.

To learn more about integrating Clarity with Google Analytics visit here.