Session Recordings saved – with Clarity favorites!

Session recordings are user session replays that are created when visitors interact with your website. They are very useful in analyzing user experience and/or behavior across multiple devices! To enhance this feature even more Clarity customers can now favorite their key recordings and as a result, view them in the favorite recordings tab! Super exciting!

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Clarity launches e-commerce insights for Shopify!

Wow! Our team sure has been busy over the last few weeks! Just like Pharrell and Snoop, we are dropping new features like they are hot! This week it’s an e-commerce feature that we know you will love! Introducing E-commerce insights with Clarity for Shopify websites! Shopify powers over 1.7 million websites worldwide and is the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run and grow a business. So naturally, it made sense for us to include these insights in Clarity!

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Rage clicks – what do they tell you about user behavior?

Rage clicks are repeated clicks/taps in a specific area of a webpage in a short amount of time that does not result in any change on the page. This repeated clicking could signal that the user is frustrated or an element in your site may be broken! As users we have all been there when clicking on a button, image or link does nothing. As your frustration increases so do your clicks! By understanding this user behavior, you can optimize your page for the intended call to action. The major benefit of rage click analysis is the ability to find quick wins for fixing user frustration on your site.

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