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Learn how more than doubled their user retention with Clarity.

What is is on a quest to revolutionize the research landscape through cutting-edge AI technology. At the core of the platform is a research assistant tool, crafted to meet the diverse needs of scholars and consultants. pulls data from a vast reservoir of over 200 million sources spanning a multitude of subjects and topics. Their users are primarily researchers and consultants immersed in literature reviews and data analysis within their specialized industries. In the coming years, aspires to revolutionize research methodologies by leveraging AI to streamline repetitive tasks and cultivate a more streamlined, insightful research journey. Heading this endeavor is Ayush Garg, the founder and CEO of 


Utilizing a visual user behavior analysis tool was essential for to understand and optimize how users interacted with its application. They started using Clarity to gather feedback on how users were using the app, and if there were issues in usability. Their goal was to refine the user experience significantly, aiming to double their user retention from 20% to 40%.  Before implementing Clarity, they lacked the means to identify usability issues effectively. Prior to Clarity, they inspected their SQL database for usage and had internal tools but they had to change their code base and push to production every time they wanted to track a new KPI. They also wanted a way to analyze user recordings, and that’s why they went with Clarity rather than going with internal tools. 

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Old Homepage

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Updated homepage

Using Clarity

From the onset, they integrated Clarity into their system, laying a strong foundation for data-driven insights. This pivotal decision empowered them to not only monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), such as export rates, but also delve into user behavior analytics, pinpointing areas of the website posing navigational challenges. As they progressed, they leveraged Clarity to propel user growth initiatives and attain heightened conversion rates, thus cementing its indispensable role in their strategic growth. 

Actions Taken

Utilizing Clarity’s invaluable heatmaps and session recordings, they meticulously identified friction points within their user journey. Armed with the insights from these features, they harnessed the power of data to inform their design decisions, ultimately fine-tuning their onboarding flow and refining search functionality for enhanced user experience. Some of the adjustments they made, guided by Clarity’s insights, included integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) login to bolster sign-up conversions, streamlining their app’s interface for greater user clarity, and orchestrating a comprehensive redesign of their onboarding process. They also analyzed that their search UI was confusing for some of their users based on recordings as well as conversions. They changed the search UI and saw an increase in user retention.

old search UI

Before: Old search UI

New search UI

After: New look UI


They noticed while using Clarity, that a lot of users that came to the website dropped after going to the sign-up page. Therefore, they added a single sign on to vastly improve the conversions in users that came to the website and users that signed up. 

Because of this, between February 2024 and April 2024, there was a remarkable surge in user retention, soaring from a modest 20% to an impressive 50% for Along with that, their week over week active user rate went up by 40% due to authentication being friction-less. And through analyzing how much time users spent on the results page, a KPI used to improve their AI engine, they were able to increase their average weekly query per user by 200%!


Clarity provided with an unprecedented level of insight into their users’ behavior and pain points. By leveraging Clarity’s powerful features, they were able to make data-driven decisions that significantly improved the user experience and led to substantial increases in key metrics like user retention and mailing list sign-ups. User retention is important to them as it directly impacts their monthly recurring revenue and overall growth. The longer they retain users, the more valuable the business becomes. Clarity’s ability to visualize user journeys and identify areas of friction was particularly valuable in helping them optimize their search functionality and onboarding process. Clarity’s ease of use and comprehensive analytics has made it an indispensable part of their growth strategy. 

Clarity has been a game-changer for The visual insights and user behavior data provided by the tool have allowed us to optimize our platform and achieve remarkable growth in user retention and engagement. With Clarity, we’ve been able to make data-driven decisions that have propelled our business forward and solidified our position in AI-powered research assistance. The tool’s ability to help us refine our search functionality and onboarding process has been particularly impactful, leading to a 150% increase in user retention.

–Ayush Garg, Founder of

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