Learn how they leveraged Clarity to improve general user
experience and increase the trial account conversion by 100%.

What is Calendesk?

Calendesk is a cloud-based SaaS company created for companies who want to facilitate their booking progress and take their businesses further with modern solutions.

Their booking system is used to make appointments, accept payments from customers, and send email and SMS notifications.  

Founded in Poland in 2020 by CEO Maciej Cupial (below), who heads up programming, and COO Szymon Choluj (right), leading customer success, Calendesk aims to improve customer workflow and increase their efficiency.

The Challenge

Calendesk aimed to improve their user experience and catch all the problems on their app.  

Behind the scenes, Calendesk is a very complex tool with many features. As a SaaS product, it aims to deliver outstanding experiences to customers. “It can be difficult if your product offers a lot and customers don’t mention problems they may have while using it. We wanted to observe our customers and react to all obstacles and issues we discovered.”

Clarity was here to help.

Learn how your customers navigate your site!

Through recordings, heatmaps and much more!

The Solution

Before discovering Clarity, Calendesk was using Hotjar. After switching to Clarity, they eliminated tens of bugs and improved the onboarding process. As a result, their trial conversion grew from 5% to 10%. Clarity helped them improve their general user experience and increase the trial account conversion by 100%. In addition, thanks to Clarity, they discovered many small issues that no one mentioned before. 

For Calendesk, it was important to track and understand number of bookings, revenue growth, and number of customers. As a primary feature of Clarity, they used screen recordings with filters. 

Clarity also improved their onboarding process. Before that, the first view after the signup was a Dashboard with a several steps. Unfortunately, the steps were redirecting new users to very advanced setup forms. The users didn’t understand so many options and dropped off the platform. 

Thanks to Clarity, Calendesk implemented a new onboarding process that started with extremely simple steps. It guided new users with a basic configuration step by step and, as a result, created a ready-to-use online booking calendar. New users immediately saw the benefits of Calendesk.

“This change improved our trial conversion a lot. The new users could understand much more. They were familiar with the platform before they started to really use it.”

Want to better understand user behavior on your own website with Microsoft Clarity? Calendesk wrote a blog post that can help.

Outcomes & Shareable Learnings

Clarity helped Calendesk to analyze how their real users behaved. It showed them where they might have problems or difficulties understanding their features. They also discovered many minor issues which could lead users to drop the platform usage. For example, broken popups, not intuitive forms, misleading error notifications, and broken UI on certain screens. 

Let’s take a look at the old onboarding experience:

Before insights from Clarity, the user experience is muddled.

Next, let’s take a look at the new onboarding experience.

Easy to understand welcome form. Thanks to Clarify, Calendesk eliminated tens of bugs and improved the onboarding process. As a result, trial conversion grew from 5% to 10%. 

Make a booking. Simple and easy to follow.

Booking complete. Clarity helped improve the overall general user experience, and increase the trial account conversion by 100%.

After a few hours of using Clarity, we agreed that we could drop the old paid tool and switch to Clarity. It brought us a completely new experience. Clarity is easy to set up, free and gives us all the values we need. We have all the features in one place. We love the integration with Google Analytics and the possibility to choose users segments.

– Co-founders Maciej Cupial, CEO, & Szymon Choluj, COO

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