How decreased cost per lead by 50%

What is

Funnelsupply is not a typical marketing agency. They’re a niche online marketing agency, specializing in creating profitable lead-generation funnels.

Launched in 2023, has pioneered a simple and flexible subscription model for its clients, offering comprehensive services encompassing marketing funnel development, including landing pages, ad campaign management, advanced cookieless tracking and unlimited landing page creation.

Funnelsupply’s clientele spans diverse industries, including architecture firms, cosmetic clinics, online course creators, and e-commerce brands, among others, seeking enhanced online lead generation capabilities.

With over 15 years of combined experience in marketing and media buying, Funnelsupply co-founders Simon and Niels Blonk have diligently honed their expertise in crafting highly effective landing pages and ad campaigns, culminating in the generation of millions of leads for diverse businesses on a global scale.

Engaged within the ‘indie hacking’ and ‘build in public’ communities, particularly on platforms like X, Simon, and Niels, generously share knowledge on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and broader online marketing strategies.

Their contributions have proven invaluable to numerous startups and solopreneurs, who benefit from their insights, tips, and tricks.


Funnelsupply’s core business is to create online lead-generation funnels for their clients. Their optimization process relies on the daily input from tracking and analytics tools, allowing them to perform deep user analysis to maximize client initiatives and their marketing efforts.

As a growing company, the team at was looking to optimize their website’s homepage to improve performance.

Niels shared, “On our landing page, we continuously run tests and wanted insights about which version of the hero section (above the fold) outperforms other versions.

Since our homepage is a landing page, and our offering has quite a high price point, we don’t receive enough conversion data weekly to base decisions on. That is why we started looking at session depth and session time as KPIs that produce more data to work with.

To achieve this, we used Clarity’s custom tags and segments. Thanks to this, we have tested several hero sections and quickly doubled the performance of session depth and session time KPIs.”

In addition, a recent client of Funnelsupply was looking to improve landing page performance for an ad campaign launching a brand-new service.

Funnelsupply was looking to help their client with the following to ensure campaign success for their product launch:

  • Improve landing page CTR
  • Identify the most enticing price points for buyers
  • Pinpoint landing page drop-off

Using Clarity

The ability to visualize and isolate user behavior with session recordings and custom tags in Clarity was a game changer for the Funnelsupply team. Making real-time, impactful optimization a breeze on behalf of their client.

Actions Taken

As a result of the insights gained, Funnelsupply was able to help their client:

  • Identify where their client’s landing page saw users drop off
  • Isolate what elements of pages users click on, of which they didn’t think they would need to be clickable
  • Test what kind of headlines and sub headlines cause the users to stop scrolling for a longer time and which cause fast scrolling
  • Solidify the pricing section as a second-step sub-page of this funnel so they can further analyze which price points cause instant drop-offs and which do not

By watching user sessions, they found out that visitors tried to click on the ‘5 star rating visual’, expecting something to happen, but it didn’t. What they did was ‘anchor link’ it to the testimonial section at the bottom of the page, so the user flow would not break.


  • After a week, they increased landing page CTR from around 4-5% to 25%.
  • At the same time, they could feed the ad campaign algorithms with more useful click-data, which resulted in even better performance.
  • Currently, after multiple optimizations for this client, they’re generating 5x more leads than before and decreased the cost per lead by 50%.
  • Thanks to Clarity, they accomplished all this within a short time-frame and a reasonable ad budget.


  • Using Clarity features such as session recordings has been invaluable for gaining deeper insights into user behavior for the Funnelsupply team.
  • While numbers and KPIs provide a broad overview of a page’s performance, observing user interactions offers unparalleled insights.
  • By leveraging Clarity to identify unexpected user actions, they were able to pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize pages accordingly.
  • Custom tags, particularly for elements like hero section versions, enhanced their ability to segment data for more comprehensive analysis.
  • As a result of these insights, they implemented numerous changes to their own and their clients’ landing pages, continuously refining and enhancing the user experience.


Clarity gives us invaluable insights that help improve performance of our client’s marketing funnels, maximizing their ROI.

-Niels Blonk, Co-Founder Funnelsupply