Masters of Scale

How Masters of Scale repositioned content for higher user engagement with Clarity

What is Masters of Scale?

Since its launch in 2017, Masters of Scale has grown into one of the most prestigious properties for business leaders, thanks to its incomparable guest list, iconic host, and groundbreaking format. Masters of Scale is an award-winning platform for entrepreneurial wisdom, encompassing Rapid Response — an audio series about leading in the face of crisis — a daily learning app, a best-selling book, virtual and live events, and weekly newsletters. 


After launching their redesigned website, the Masters of Scale team sought out Microsoft Clarity to better understand their user base and how they interact with the site. Were they coming to access podcast episodes? To subscribe to the newsletter? To register for live or virtual events? With such a wide range of offerings, it was important to ensure that people understood what Masters of Scale was right away.  

To the Masters of Scale team, success means a clear & user-friendly web and mobile experience that gives users clear information about current and upcoming guests and episodes. 

Using Clarity

Microsoft Clarity’s usage analytics tools quickly revealed a few key learnings:  

  • ~75% of the Masters of Scale 60-day traffic was attributed to sessions from entirely new users 
  • Users’ average homepage scroll depth is ~60% 

Through this discovery, the Masters of Scale team identified that most new visitors were not scrolling deep enough and were missing the most important content: a context-setting episode carousel highlighting tentpole guests, like President Barack Obama, Spanx Founder Sarah Blakely, and Hubspot Co-founder Dharmesh Shah. 

In podcasting, featuring tentpole guests and covering current events and trends tend to increase listen rates. Knowing that the podcast is the entry point to the Masters of Scale brand and website, the aim is to meaningfully expand their audience and engaged community. Maximizing visibility into trending episodes is a key tactic. 

Finding a solution

The team utilized these Microsoft Clarity insights to reprioritize their homepage layout, bumping tentpole names to live right below the fold and swapping a banner’s content to feature their new series on AI. These changes reprioritized their content delivery while keeping the user top-of-mind.  


With the data from Microsoft Clarity, the Masters of Scale team continues to monitor the impact of these content-related changes. Notably, there has been a 204% increase in traffic to AI-themed episodes. Microsoft Clarity has been an invaluable tool for efficient data tracking and helping the team keep a close eye on user behavior and opportunities for data-driven pivots.  


By understanding that new users account for most of their web traffic, Masters of Scale refined their webflow to elevate the new user experience by prioritizing their best content, encouraging clickthoughs, and reducing churn. 


“Microsoft Clarity’s scroll depth and heatmap features help us to ensure our content is resonating as we grow our audience.”

-Masters of Scale, Product Manager