Jaume Alavedra, CTO of Onsite.fun used Clarity’s heat maps to increase time spent by visitors on their website by 28%

Onsite.fun is a marketplace of team-building activities for the purpose of connecting people all over the world. Furthermore, Onsite.fun helps participants explore their strengths and connect as a group. They believe this brings meaningful benefits for both employees and companies, such as improved morale and productivity.

The Challenge

Onsite.fun wanted to improve website usability, learn about what content was better received, and ultimately improve their funnel.

“Understanding how our visitors iterate with our platform has always been our top priority. We wanted to establish a way to improve usability, learn about what content is better received. In the hope that we could improve our funnel. But, without a proper heatmap, we were missing a lot of information on our design and content strategy.” 

How did Clarity help improve website usability?

Onsite.fun’s main strategy is to become relevant and convert visitors by providing them with high-quality content. Using heat maps Onsite.fun was able to understand how visitors were using their site. Instantly they realized that the website in its original state wasn’t user-friendly. Also, it didn’t showcase who they were as a company. Moreover, by analyzing Clarity data, they could quickly iterate design and make the necessary changes to optimize their funnel and reduce bounce rate.

“Clarity has become a crucial tool that combines both the UX interactions with the visitor’s data. By integrating with Google Tag Manager, I’ve gained the chance to have a more holistic view of the visitor’s behavior once they reach the website. This helps us iterate faster, understand which elements our visitors engage with, and see which parts of our content can be improved.”  

Solution: Onsite.fun decided to give deeper context to their blog by adding extra information about their mission, the team, and additionally the most popular team-building events. While they weren’t modifying the content, by changing the UX design they quickly realized their visitors stayed longer and they were able to reduce the number of visitors only visiting one page.

Result: By changing the UX design onsite.fun saw:

  • 28% increase in website navigating time
  • 50% reduction in the number of visitors only visiting one webpage

What are your biggest learnings?

“By using Clarity, we were able to make our website more effective and relevant to our users. We were also able to see how user behavior changes as we made different iterations to our website.”

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“We’ve tried other products like Hotjar. While the product was working great at the initial stage, the free version quickly became too restrictive as our blog traffic increased. By using Clarity, we aimed to understand users’ attention, measure how they interact with content, and explore ways to streamline our funnel.”

Jaume Alavedra, CTO of Onsite.fun

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