How Parvis increased website conversions by 30%

What is Parvis?

Parvis Invest Inc. is a real estate investment platform and marketplace that was formed in 2020 after founder and CEO David Michaud tried to raise capital from accredited investors for a real estate project. The process was cumbersome, overly legalistic, and expensive. Parvis was created to change that.

The company provides a B2B SaaS product, EMDsolutions, which targets private real estate funds and developers in Canada.

Parvis is quickly becoming Canada’s leading private real estate investment platform. Its goals are simple: to be the “go-to” place for accredited and eligible investors to find and invest in the highest-quality real estate developments and funds. Scott Spence, Head of Growth (pictured left) was set on discovering what user’s actions were taking place on his website, and how he could improve the conversion rate. Parvis had previously been using Google Analytics but decided to incorporate Microsoft Clarity to solve his team’s challenges.


Data, as it’s presented in traditional analytics tool kits, tells a story but does not paint a picture. The combination of other tools failed to address three core problems that Parvis was trying to solve: 

  1. What are individual customers doing on our website? 
  2. Are the customers taking the actions we want? 
  3. How does the Referral source change (1) and (2)?

Overall, Parvis wanted to improve conversion rates on high-traffic pages. They noticed that certain pages were experiencing high exit and bounce rates and wanted to understand why.

Using Clarity

The ability to visualize user actions changed the game. Using session recordings, heatmaps, and referrer data on Clarity, meant they could see exactly where people were dropping and where efforts should be focused. The Clarity product made this a seamless process for the Parvis team. 

Actions Taken

As a result of the insights gained, Parvis redesigned their homepage.

  • They implemented a clear CTA, making the messaging far simpler, and updated the overall design. 
  • In addition, they changed CTAs on high-performing pages, moving them from the end of the article (where they were rarely seen) to a custom sidebar that was more visible. They experimented with various placements for their special offers, aligning them more intuitively with the users’ journeys. 
  • Lastly, they also added a “sticky” offer widget that remained visible as users read the content.

Right: Previous placement of offers below the fold. Left: New placement of offers in the restructured blog.


With the help of Clarity, Parvis was able to produce impressive results for their website. Let’s take a look at the improvements: 

  • ~10% Increase avg. engagement time per session 
  • Avg 10.71% decrease in bounce rates on blog posts 
  • 27.5% increase in conversions MoM

Stats: October 2023 (before changes) vs. November 2023 (after changes).


Clarity provided a deeper understanding of user behavior. Through powerful heatmaps, screen recordings, and analytics, Parvis uncovered that the placements of the relevant offers, including investment opportunities and ‘book a meeting’ widgets, were suboptimal—buried too low on pages, eluding the users’ attention, and in some cases lacking high relevance to visitors. Clarity validated (and invalidated) assumptions and pinpointed problematic areas where the user was losing user interest.


With Clarity, we’ve finally found the tool that tells us exactly what individuals are doing on our website. Being able to run real-time tests and see exactly how users are interacting with our site has accelerated our growth marketing efforts and substantially increased revenue.

Scott Spence, Head of Growth