Prompt Genie

How Prompt Genie increased trial conversions by 11% within weeks

What is Prompt Genie?

Prompt Genie was founded in March 2023 to address a growing need in the market for an innovative tool that helps users of ChatGPT and other AI-powered systems. The company provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that provides access to three distinct algorithms tailored for the creation of prompts. It’s designed for people who use ChatGPT in their daily work, like teachers, business owners, and marketers. 

Natik Aggarwal is one of the 3 co-founders of Prompt Genie, managing responsibilities as a product manager, software developer, and community support manager. 


Natik and his team aimed to increase user activations and reduce churn while segmenting users to improve marketing efforts. The product received an overwhelmingly positive response, with traffic and subscribers increasing rapidly. However, as the hype for ChatGPT normalized, the company noticed a high churn rate and low conversion rate. 

Finding a solution

Microsoft Clarity proved to be a valuable tool for Prompt Genie as it was easy to set up and intuitive to use. The tool helped the team understand its users and how they interacted with the product, which in turn led to significant improvements in the user experience. They analyzed Clarity session recordings and heatmaps to identify UI problems, pinpoint when certain bugs occurred, and understand where users spent most of their time. 




For example, the original landing page attempted to educate users with a descriptive banner and short video. However, after using Clarity to analyze user flows, the team learned that visitors were struggling to understand exactly what the product did. As a result, they added an interactive demo on the landing page to let users quickly experience the power of the product. 

After the demo was implemented, the team identified a significant user experience issue using Clarity session recordings. Users were frequently frustrated by the demo, as it redirected them to the sign-up page whenever they tried to use the full version of the product. This process not only required an account creation step but also prompted users for credit card information just to start a free trial. 

Such an upfront upsell was off-putting, as evidenced by many users quickly navigating back in their browsers – a behavior observed in the session recordings. To enhance the initial user interaction with the product, the company has disabled this feature, effectively eliminating this source of user frustration. Instead, a small banner now appears, gently prompting the user to sign-up or login. 

In order to segment their users and identify major groups, the company used insights from Clarity to refine the list of example prompts seen below.  

These examples span many different use cases. As a result, the team can focus on a subset of users who are interested in prompts for academic writing, separately from users who want to create a marketing and brand strategy. 

Using heatmaps, Natik was able to filter based on which demo prompt users clicked on. As a result, the company was able to quantitatively measure the different user segments interacting with the demo. 


Prompt Genie cross-referenced Clarity data with onboarding survey data to compare conversion rates among the different audience segments. The Clarity data also helped the company identify the top user segment, which led to a doubling down in marketing efforts to target that specific group. This helped Prompt Genie increase trial conversions from 15% to 26% in a matter of weeks. 


By using Clarity, Natik and his team at Prompt Genie were able to gain valuable insights into user behavior and improve the user experience. Clarity helped the team at Prompt Genie identify major user groups, segment users by job function, and improve conversation rates. The tool provides a bird’s eye view of trends in customer segments based on marketing campaigns and helps identify gaps that need improvement. 


Clarity is a really amazing tool and super easy to integrate with your website. It has provided us with vast amounts of data to make decisions based on user behaviour and improve user experience as a result. The fact that it is free to use forever gives you even more of a reason to give it a try, it is a no brainer to have it integrated with your website

Natik Aggarwal; Co-founder