Rickety Roo

How this SEO agency increased conversions by 122% using Microsoft Clarity

What is Rickety Roo?

RicketyRoo is a remote-based SEO agency that provides premium services in Local SEO, PPC/SEM, and website design.

Celeste Gonzalez (pictured below) is an SEO strategist and account manager for RicketyRoo, and the primary lead for this project.


Their client in the home building industry had been experiencing consistent growth in organic traffic year-over-year. However, despite attracting visitors to their website, the conversion rate for form submissions was very low, at less than 1%. The agency identified several issues that were contributing to the low conversion rate, including slow page loading, unoptimized hero images, and poor placement of contact forms and calls-to-action.

Finding a solution

Ricketyroo used Microsoft Clarity‘s session recordings, heatmaps, and Google Analytics integration to analyze their client’s website. This allowed the team to gain insights into user behavior and engagements.

Metrics such as sessions, scroll depth, pages per session, time spent, dead clicks, quick backs, form completions, and calls were monitored, and Microsoft Clarity helped uncover specific issues that were affecting the user experience on their client’s website.

While watching session recordings, the team noticed that the pages loaded too slowly, the hero image was the only visible content once the pages loaded, and there was no content above the fold that urged users to reach out. Additionally, contact forms were placed above the blog content on mobile, and some text was hard to read due to font color and placement on the homepage.

Based on the insights from Clarity, several actions were taken to address the identified issues on their client’s website:

  • The hero image size was decreased across the site to ensure that users could quickly access the information they were looking for.
  • The hero image was removed from blog posts, and the contact form was moved below the content to enhance user experience and encourage engagement.
  • A call-to-action banner was added above the point in the floor plans page, where the majority of users scrolled, urging them to contact the client.
  • Changes were made to the homepage, including adjusting font colors, reducing hero image size, and replacing a “Watch The Video” button with a “Contact” button.


After conducting a test, the team observed that their client’s site visits increased, scroll depth slightly decreased, and there was an uptick in dead clicks on the floor plans page. This confirmed their suspicion that they needed to improve site speed.

They also discovered that users expected to be redirected to a specific floor plan page when they clicked on a particular element on the floor plans page. To address this issue, they decided to create individual floor plan pages to improve the browsing experience for users.

After implementing this second round of changes, Ricketyroo measured the results over a three-month period, revealing that there was a significant increase in both form submissions and phone calls by 122.22% compared to the month before implementation.

29% increase in user sessions and 6% increase in active time spent


The implementation of UX/UI changes based on Microsoft Clarity’s AI-driven insights led to a significant improvement in conversions for their client, demonstrating the effectiveness of small, targeted improvements in user experience. By identifying and addressing specific issues such as slow page loading, unoptimized hero images, and poor placement of contact forms and calls-to-action, the team was able to enhance their client’s website user experience and increase engagement from prospective customers.


“By leveraging Clarity’s session recordings, heatmaps, and valuable metrics, we identified key areas for improvement in user interaction on our client’s site. The detailed insights provided by Clarity empowered us to make strategic UX/UI changes, resulting in a remarkable 122.22% increase in conversions over just three months. Clarity isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation, even for smaller sites. It’s an essential ally for any business looking to enhance user experience and drive meaningful results.”

Celese Gonzalez; SEO Strategist