How Salesmachine increased product retention by 62% in less than 4 weeks!

What is Salesmachine?

Salesmachine launched in April 2022 with a simple yet powerful vision: to make demo creation accessible to all through an intuitive no-code platform.

Traditional demo creation tools require technical expertise, limiting their impact for non-technical professionals. Salesmachine solves this with a Chrome extension that allows users to create interactive product demos completely visually without writing any code.

The key to Salesmachine’s success is simplicity. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily modify demo data, capture the essence of their SaaS products, and create compelling demos that resonate with prospects and drive sales. Salesmachine also provides analytics on demo consumption, giving valuable insights.

Who is Salesmachine intended for?

Salesmachine targets technology companies with 40+ employees that need efficient demo capabilities due to their wide range of products and customers. With a focus on continual innovation and user experience, Salesmachine aims to help customers create the world’s best product demos. The company measures success through the AARRR framework:

• Acquisition: New users and sign-ups

• Activation: Success creating first demo

• Retention: Number of demo views, indicating engagement and usefulness

• Referral: Number of teams adopting the product

• Revenue: Ultimate KPI showing value provided to customers

These metrics ensure Salesmachine delivers maximum value and moves closer to its goal of becoming the leading demo editor. With its intuitive approach, Salesmachine simplifies how sales, marketing, and success teams showcase their products to prospects and customers.

Meet the founder

Chris Strobl (pictured below) is a self-taught software developer who has successfully made the leap into entrepreneurship. He leveraged his technical skills and business acumen to secure funding from the renowned Silicon Valley venture firm, NFX, for his previous startup where he served as CEO and Co-Founder.

As of April 2022, Chris has stepped into the role of CEO and Founder of Salesmachine, a Silicon Valley-based company that provides an innovative platform to create interactive product demos without needing to write a single line of code.


The primary challenge for the company was driving user retention. The focus was on increasing the number of daily demo views and specifically, the number of views generated from the demos created by users. These metrics served as crucial indicators of user engagement and the value of the product to customers.

However, Salesmachine faced limitations in understanding user behavior before implementing Microsoft Clarity. Without a visual user behavior tool, it was difficult to identify how users interacted with the platform, where they encountered issues, and which features garnered the most engagement. This lack of detailed, actionable data posed a significant obstacle, especially considering the competition from well-funded rivals in the market.

Maintaining competitive unit economics was crucial for Salesmachine. To achieve this, improving user retention was essential. However, without comprehensive visual data, the company’s product development efforts were ineffective, as they lacked insight into user needs and ways to enhance the user experience. Consequently, the retention rates were not as high as desired, impacting Salesmachine’s ability to compete effectively.

Recognizing the need for a sophisticated visual user behavior tool, Salesmachine turned to Microsoft Clarity. The company hoped to gain deeper insights into user behavior using this tool and utilize those insights to enhance their product and drive user retention. By bridging the gap in understanding their users, Salesmachine aimed to solve the challenge of retaining users, ultimately strengthening their competitive position in the market.

Finding a solution

Microsoft Clarity proved to be an invaluable tool in Salesmachine’s endeavor to boost user retention. The platform provided the company with data-rich visual insights that were instrumental in understanding users’ behavior and making informed decisions to improve their product. By leveraging Clarity’s heatmaps and session recordings, Salesmachine gained a deeper understanding of user interactions and identified areas for enhancement.

The heatmaps offered a clear visual representation of the most and least interacted areas within Salesmachine’s Chrome extension. This valuable insight enabled the team to identify popular features and potential pain points, providing guidance for product development and improvement efforts. With this information, Salesmachine made strategic changes, streamlining the demo creation process and enhancing the user interface to address user issues.

Additionally, session recordings provided a “real-time” view into how users interacted with the product, highlighting where they spent the most time, which features they used frequently, and where they encountered difficulties. This level of detail allowed Salesmachine to understand user behavior more intricately and make data-driven decisions. They could see that a landing page without a video performed much better. Their customers were much more inclined to continue through their funnel with an image demonstrating how their product works.

Thanks to the insights gathered from Clarity, Salesmachine successfully implemented changes that resonated with their users. In less than four weeks, the company experienced a remarkable 62% increase in product retention, as measured by daily demo views. These impressive results demonstrated that the changes informed by Clarity’s insights effectively enhanced user engagement and satisfaction with the Salesmachine product.




The tool’s rich suite of features, particularly the heatmaps and session recordings, equipped the team with insights that allowed Salesmachine to optimize their product for better user engagement.

The session recordings provided Salesmachine with a direct window into user behavior, offering a detailed understanding of how users navigated through the product, which features they utilized, the difficulties they faced, and their overall interaction patterns. This real-time perspective proved instrumental in informing the team about the user experience and identifying areas for improvement in the product design.

One significant learning from the usage of Clarity was the importance of iframe embedding in Salesmachine’s product. Through the session recordings, the team realized that users often encountered difficulties while navigating the iframe, impacting their overall experience and retention rates.

By implementing changes based on this finding, such as improving the ease of use and accessibility of the iframe, Salesmachine significantly enhanced the user experience. These adjustments, informed by insights from Clarity, played a crucial role in the remarkable increase in their retention rates.

In conclusion, Microsoft Clarity provided Salesmachine with granular insights that enabled them to better understand user behavior and needs. It empowered the team to make informed, impactful changes to their product, resulting in a significant boost in user retention. This experience highlighted the importance of utilizing visual user behavior tools like Clarity to guide product development and improve user engagement.


“Microsoft Clarity provided valuable insights that helped us improve user retention at Salesmachine. Clarity revealed that streamlining our iFrame embedding process could significantly enhance the user experience. Acting on this insight allowed us to simplify a previously complicated process, directly leading to an increase in retention rates. The actionable recommendations from Clarity have been instrumental in guiding our product improvements and roadmap, fueling Salesmachine’s growth.”

Chris Strobl, CEO of Salesmachine