How Scrapingdog increased free trial signups by 50% with Microsoft Clarity

What is Scrapingdog?

Scrapingdog delivers powerful and efficient web scraping solutions to a variety of industries. The company aims to enable organizations to tap into essential data for their decision-making processes, market research, and a variety of data-oriented tasks.

Who is Scrapingdog intended for?

Scrapingdog is intended for a wide market, offering scraping APIs to compile job search data on LinkedIn, real estate property data on Zillow, search data on Google, and content insights from Twitter. The 4-tier pricing plan makes it accessible for all business structures, from individuals to enterprise.

Meet the founder

Manthan Koolwal (pictured below) founded Scrapingdog with the vision to simplify and streamline the web scraping process for everyone, with an impressive 12+ years of experience in the field. One of Manthan’s most noteworthy achievements is the successful design and implementation of an API for the railway sector that was later acquired by the Government of India.


The team at Scrapingdog noticed a major issue on their website. They had a substantial number of visitors landing on their homepage, but there was a lack of product comprehension from users. Prior to using Microsoft Clarity, Manthan Koolwal and his colleague, Divanshu Khatter, had difficulty identifying roadblocks and opportunities to solve this problem and increase free trial signups.

Finding a solution

They reassessed their product offerings and the messaging in the hero section of their homepage. Recognizing the importance of capturing visitors’ attention and effectively conveying the value of their product, they employed iterative testing and refinements of multiple headlines with the help of Microsoft Clarity’s session recordings feature.

Through this process, they successfully created a new headline that resonated strongly with their website visitors, clearly articulating the benefits and value of their product. The impact of this single change was impressive, as it prompted a significant increase in visitor engagement and conversion. More specifically, the updated headline sparked a surge in free trial sign-ups by 50%.




Scrapingdog found Microsoft Clarity to be a valuable tool in detecting issues on their website’s homepage. The insights gained have led to informed decisions and optimization of the site’s performance. The team recognized the value of even the smallest interactions through session recordings, enabling prompt resolution of user concerns and improvement of their browsing experience. The team plans to continue using Microsoft Clarity to uncover new opportunities for growth and optimization.


“Since integrating Microsoft Clarity, it has become an invaluable asset in analyzing user behavior. Its screen recording feature has unveiled previously hidden insights, deeply enriching our understanding of user interactions. Now, every website change is underpinned by robust data analysis from Clarity, transforming our decision-making process from guesswork to precision. It has been a game-changer in our pursuit of user-centric design and data-driven enhancements.”

Manthan Koolwal, Founder of Scrapingdog