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How Spark Shipping increased inbound leads by 30%

What is Spark Shipping?

Spark Shipping was initially created to address the needs of their network of e-commerce sites, which started back in 2011.

With the rapid growth of their business, they needed to automate the core processes, so they set out to build a solution. After building the internal eCommerce automation platform, they immediately saw the value it brought to the business. They realized this was too good to keep to themselves and decided to share it with others experiencing the same problems.

That is how Spark Shipping was born in 2013! Now, more than a decade later, they have helped thousands of e-commerce site owners to automate their businesses and grow their profits.

Charles Palleschi, CEO of Spark Shipping

The Challenge

With new features coming all the time for Spark Shipping, they needed away to understand the user’s journey with every new feature launch.

Using the insights gained from Clarity, they were able to redesign menus and change where in the app Spark Shipping placed links to specific features, which dramatically increased user engagement within those features. 

From a sales perspective, they also wanted to increase inbound leads. To do this, they needed to understand what users were focusing on and where they clicked on the pages.

For example, they had landing pages where “Get a Demo” button was in the middle of the page, but found users typically read to the bottom of the page where no CTA button was.

Clarity helped Spark Shipping understand this behavior and prompted them to add an additional CTAs (Call-to-Action) to the bottom of the page, which has increased the inbound leads by almost 30%.

What did Spark Shipping use before Clarity?

Spark Shipping used Hotjar, but soon found that the cost became prohibitive for the amount of data needed. They couldn’t get sufficient user data to understand the behavior of our users due to cost constraints, but with Clarity, Spark Shipping has access to all the data they need.

Learn how your customers navigate your site!

Through recordings, heatmaps and much more!

The Solution

Clarity allowed for access to complete data for all their users, enabling them to get full insight into their user’s journey and behavior within the Spark Shipping application. This has allowed them to continuously improve their user interface to ensure that users can take advantage of all of the benefits Spark Shipping offers them.

Session recordings and heatmaps have both been super helpful in the success for Spark Shipping. The session recordings allowed them to understand how users interact with the site from the first moment they land on a page, while heatmaps helped pinpoint sections of the site that visitors found confusing.

Using heatmaps, Spark Shipping found cases where users were expecting elements to be clickable that were plain text. Simply knowing this has allowed for adding links to pages to increase CTR and user experience.

Using Session recordings, they found landing pages where visitors were expecting a CTA but did not find one. This caused them to hit the back button instead of progressing. After using Clarity, Spark Shipping updated these pages to include a CTA right where visitors expected it, which has increased leads and reduced the bounce rate.


By choosing Clarity as their behavioral analytics tool, Spark Shipping was able to get the full picture of how their users interacted with their website. With no data limitations or pricing tiers they increased their inbound leads by 30% with session recordings and heatmaps, by visualizing pain points for their customers within their UX design.

“Clarity is an indispensable tool for our business, as it allows us to understand exactly what our users are doing when using our software. This has enabled us to continuously improve the user experience for our clients, making sure that they can get the full benefit of Spark Shipping.”

Charles Palleschi