Trycone India Limited


How clarity helped Trycone India Limited 2x conversion rate for their website.

What is Trycone India Limited?

Trycone India Limited is a passionate team of beauty and personal care experts who believe that beauty builds confidence.

They created unique and scientifically proven concern-based combos that can also be used as regular skincare and personal care products. They identify skincare and haircare trends and blend them with their unique formulations to create the best and the most effective products in its category.

Kanish Jain (pictured below) is the Brand Marketer at Trycone.

The Challenge

They had good amount of sessions on their page, but hardly any traffic converted, less than 1 in 100 to 150 people were converting. They tried multiple apps, tools to boost conversion rates on their website but none matched their expectations.

Then, they came to know about Microsoft Clarity, and connected it to their site. Their main focus was to understand user activity their website to improve conversion rate of product and landing pages.

After about two weeks of data collection by Clarity, they started to dive deep into session recordings, scroll depth and heatmaps. They would spend hours together going through session recordings to understand user mindset and the interactions on  the pages.

Let’s find out how Clarity helped!

Learn how your customers navigate your site!

Through session recordings, heatmaps and much more!

Solution & Outcomes:

By utilizing Clarity, Tycone India Limited was about to identify some important issues and make key changes to their website:

Some issues identified from session recordings:

  • Visitors scrolled through images looking for information on top of the fold, which was absent previously on their pages.
  • The image section occupied the most space above the fold on the home page, which confused users regarding navigation.
  • Visitors hardly even scrolled to the description of the product, even before that they decided to buy or not.
  • The review section was hardly seen by the visitors.
  • Technical issues of the landing page were reported on mobile device, which appeared in few session recordings.

Changes made:

  • Images were redesigned to explain the product benefits, steps, ingredients and features.
  • Change in home page structure to introduce categories of products above the fold, before any scroll.
  • Pulled the review section up, to benefit from social proof of the product.
  • Resolved technical errors on the product pages.

By utilizing Clarity, Trycone was able to double the conversion rate in September 2022, compared to July 2022. Also, moving forward, they know how to he determine best practices to diagnose issues with user experience to ensure any issues are teased out.

Clarity has been a game changer for us, being able to record sessions, view heatmaps and a lot of advanced stuff, available for free is just amazing.”

-Kanish Jain, Brand Marketer

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