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How using Clarity led to a 200% increase in free sign-ups for VisualSP

What is Visual SP?

VisualSP was created in 2005 to help organizations simplify the digital workspace for their employees. VisualSP is a Digital Adoption Platform that allows companies to provide in-context support to users through interactive walk-throughs, inline help items, searchable help articles, banners and alerts, and more. It’s been popular among Office 365 and Dynamics 365 customers because of its comprehensive library of pre-built help items.  


The team at VisualSP was in search of a visual user behavior tool to help them take the guesswork out of their content decisions. They wanted to see exactly how users engaged with their site so that they could best support them.

The team was mostly designing landing pages and as they were revamping their site, they wanted to get a clear picture of exactly how users were interacting with the site. Their ultimate goal was to increase the number of people who signed up for the free package of their Digital Adoption Platform.

Using Clarity

Before implementing Microsoft Clarity, the VisualSP team often relied on their extensive experience and intuition when making website design decisions during meetings. After using Microsoft Clarity, they found eye-opening insights that helped them make more informed decisions on their site design.

Scroll data helped them see that users were getting further on their page than they assumed. Heat maps helped them learn that certain links were not being used, links that were often on a page that wasn’t discussed much during design meetings.

Actions Taken

The team at VisualSP used scroll data to understand exactly how many pages users viewed. In addition, they used screen recordings to understand how users interacted with the page.

They looked at heat maps to identify where visitors were clicking the most on the website. As a result, they identified that their site’s landing pages had too many calls to action.

Before: Multiple CTAs significantly reduced conversion rates.

After: The VisualSP team streamlined their user pathway with one CTA.

“But it’s not even about what changes we DID make, it’s also about what changes we DIDN’T make. We assumed that users weren’t scrolling down our page to see our list of features. But when we looked in Clarity’s scroll data, we found that they were viewing most of our page,” says Tara.

Featured: VisualSP’s product features page.

As a result, the VisualSP team kept their list of product features on the page instead of altering or removing it. “Clarity’s heat maps showed us that one of the most popular links on our homepage was to our ‘See it in action’ page,” Tara shares. Previously, that page hadn’t been updated or optimized in quite some time, which was reflected in the number of dropped visitors. The VisualSP team has since revamped that page to give users a clear picture of how their product works.


By leveraging insights from Microsoft Clarity, VisualSP tailored its website to more effectively encourage users to sign up for a free account of their Digital Adoption Platform. These adjustments led to a 200% increase in free sign-ups!


For the VisualSP team, having data-backed insights into their current site user experience, helped them streamline their CTAs, improve their user pathways, and significantly increase conversion rates.

Microsoft Clarity was instrumental in eliminating the guesswork from our decision-making processes and allowed us to fine-tune our website to better support our users. With Clarity, we were able to make sure that site visitors could quickly see how our Digital Adoption Platform can improve their team’s performance and get started using our product for free.

Tara Porter, Content Marketing Director of VisualSP

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