4 Best Flurry alternatives for app analytics

Flurry is sunsetting, now what?

Flurry, owned by Yahoo, one of the oldest mobile analytics SDKs, announced that they are sunsetting in March 2024. The company never recommended alternatives, so in this blog, we have listed a few options to help you make up your mind while you are deciding on your switch.

1. Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a free behavioral analytics tool that helps you understand your customer’s behavior as they are using your mobile app. While tools like Flurry give you a quantitative picture, clarity can give you deeper qualitative insights into the reasons why users are behaving in the way they do.

Additionally, through Clarity’s getCurrentsessionURL API, you can link clarity’s session recordings with other behavioral analytics tools (e.g Firebase Analytics SDK) to get more insights

Refer to this blog for the exact steps on how to integrate Clarity with Firebase.


  • 100% Free with no traffic limits.
  • Lightweight SDK – adds up to 500MB only to your app size.
  • Respects users’ privacy
  • Super-friendly UI.
  • Can be linked with other traffic analytics tools (Firebase, Mixpanel etc..)


  • Some platforms might still not be supported yet.

2. Firebase Analytics

The Firebase platform is already extremely popular amongst app developers as it provides them with a robust and feature-rich mobile app development platform. Firebase Analytics SDK provides developers with a range of tools to track user behavior and app performance like user segmentation, crash logs, app performance metrics, etc.. and is a close match for Flurry Analytics.


  • Free.
  • Rich features including real-time debugging, tracking custom events, user segmentation and useful insights. Seamless integration with AdMob helps in the Ad monetization and better analysis of your users’ value and your application’s performance It also helps in better application advertising strategies.
  • Helps generates traffic to your app through app indexing on google search engine which can increase your app ranking.


  • SDK size might be a bit large for small apps.
  • Data for analytics is often sampled.

3. Amplitude

Amplitude is one of the popular event-based quantitative analytics for websites and also have SDKs for different mobile apps platforms.  Amplitude offers a comprehensive list of essential event-based analytics methods, and also some predictive analytics features to predict user behavior.


  • Data extraction/export capabilities.
  • Rich dashboards, providing insights into customer behavior and product usage.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Complex setup/integration process.
  • Paid.

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is one of the leading traffic analytics for mobile-apps. It helps product teams analyze metrics and app performance indicators based on set demographics and properties.


  • Track a generous number of events with good visualization
  • Integrates with existing tech-stack through a rich set of APIs.
  • Friendly User Interface


  • Prices-based features. You would often find yourself paying for extra (more useful) features set so it’s not affordable for everyone.

Best Flurry alternative for mobile app analytics

We know that Mobile app analytics are important for product teams to fully understand how customers behave with their product. if you’re looking for an alternative to Flurry Analytics, Clarity Mobile SDK + Firebase Analytics are excellent options that can provide you with the same level of value and even more.

By combining the powerful analytics capabilities of Firebase with the session replay and heatmap features of Clarity Mobile SDK, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how users are interacting with your app and make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and engagement. All at Zero cost.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that both Firebase and Clarity Mobile SDK, both backed up by tech giants like Google and Microsoft, are constantly updating and improving their features to better serve their users. This means that you can expect to see new and innovative features added to these platforms in the future, further enhancing their value and usefulness.