Analyzify is now integrated with Clarity!

Analyzify is an all-in-one Shopify data analytics app that takes care of all your data collection and tracking needs for your Shopify store. You can set Analyzify up within 20 minutes to accumulate meaningful data through multiple channels. The extensive and diverse experience working with Shopify merchants means they know how challenging it can be to collect and evaluate the right data that allows you to make the right decisions based on real metrics. Analyzify makes that process quicker and easier for you.

Analyzify gives you that much-needed insight into your Shopify store. Elevate your Shopify stores data and performance with enhanced data layers, Google Analytics 4 integration, Shopify Google Ads for accurate conversion tracking, and so much more from Analyzify.

Problems Solved

For some, this might seem a little intimidating or out of their field of expertise, but let’s cover exactly what problems Analyzify can help you solve.

Google Analytics

Almost every website uses Google Analytics to track their visitors’ data, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the data you’re getting is correct. Here are a few of the solutions you’ll receive with Analyzify:

  • Missing GA4 e-commerce data/reports
  • Make sure Checkout funnels are working
  • Payment & checkout providers in referrals (seeing Stripe, PayPal, etc. as referrals)
  • Google Analytics & Shopify data inaccuracy (Get accuracy above 90%)
  • Helps Correct Attribution Channels (Too much direct traffic)

Google Ads

Accurate and reliable conversion tracking is essential for running successful Google Ad campaigns with Analyzify, this is easily obtained.

  • Accurate & reliable conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager. Purchase, cart, user-level data is also included.
  • Missing conversions or counting multiple? Analyzify delivers the best solution for you.
  • Global Site Tag – dynamic remarketing setup errors
  • Wrong attribution model correction (90% of Shopify stores have incorrect attribution models)

Google Tag Manager & Data Layers

Not sure how to use GTM or Data Layers on your Shopify store? Don’t worry Analyzify has a team of experts that got your back. They will guide you through the setup and ensure everything runs smoothly and accurately.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR & GTM not working together? That’s a complex setup, but don’t worry—they’ve got you covered! GDPR compliance is a breeze with our specially-crafted GTM container. Analyzify is integrated with three different reliable cookie consent solutions, and we also provide audit & setup services for GDPR.

Clarity Integration

Analyzify was already amazing, but they got a little more amazing with their super simple integration with Clarity. You can be up and running with Clarity inside your Analyzify dashboard within minutes following these easy steps. With this integration, you’ll receive data and behavioral analytics to optimize your Shopify store.