Android Mobile SDK

With a majority of mobile usage being through apps, it’s crucial to ensure a high-quality in-app experience because it can significantly impact user retention. That makes the use of analytics to optimize app experiences to achieve maximum engagement and customer satisfaction extremely important.

It’s no wonder that mobile apps have taken the world by storm and that they shifted how the internet works.  In fact, 43% of all internet e-commerce traffic comes from apps.  We at Microsoft always put our customers first and we always go where our customers are.

That’s why we are announcing the availability of the beta version of Microsoft Clarity for Android Apps!  Now you can unlock user behavior insights for your Android mobile apps all with the simple experience you are used to with Clarity Web and for the same price, Free!

All you have to do is signup for clarity (if you don’t already have an account), create a mobile project, and then follow the installation steps!

What you’ll find in Clarity for mobile apps

Dashboard & Insights: 

You will be able to see an at-a-glance overview of the behavior of your users.  User friction indicators like rage and dead taps will give you a strong insight into which parts of your app require your attention.  This will also help you uncover bugs and issues lurking within your UI.  Finally, you can segment and filter users on different dimensions including phone model, operating system, and much more! 


Session replay is a reconstructed experience of how your users experience your app.  It shows events like taps, movements, and scrolls.  This happens in the form of a reconstructed walkthrough-style video.  Session Recordings help you understand your users’ experiences like never before. 


Gain insights across potentially thousands of sessions on the general usage trends within your app screens.  Tap heatmaps is an aggregation of taps and user interactions across all user sessions. This shows you how the majority of users interact with your app.  This will help you dig deeper into pivotal aspects of your experience and understand where the action is! 

Built around user needs 

A question that we commonly got from our group of early users is that  “Will the Clarity mobile SDK still support my app even if it has webviews?” The answer is “Yes”.  Clarity mobile SDK provides an integrated experience across native and web components within your app, so you can experience everything seamlessly on the same canvas.  It also provides a high level of granularity and flexibility to control masking elements across webviews and the native components.  

And also we often got this question: “Will Clarity Mobile SDK slow down my app“?  We know that for app developers, performance is top of mind.  The Microsoft Clarity SDK has been designed to minimize the impact on mobile performance with its unique screen re-drawing approach.  Our SDK captures low-level drawing operations instead of videos/screenshots lending itself to a highly optimized experience.  

It’s just the beginning….. 

This release is the first step in a long journey to bring all that you love about Clarity to mobile apps!  For now, our SDK supports native Android, React Native, and Cordova.  We will keep adding features and continuously adapting our capabilities to support popular frameworks and technologies.  

How to get started 

Sounds exciting?  Here’s how to test Clarity’s Mobile SDK, Just Sign up for our waitlist

Tell Us How it worked for you! 

We are super excited about our Clarity Mobile SDK.  We will continue launching new features that will provide value to our users at the existing price of, Free.  

Give it a try, and email us your suggestions/ Inquiries at  We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to build the product around you!