Clarity for Marketers

Microsoft Clarity is not only a product for webmasters, developers, and engineering teams—it has a lot more uses for other job roles in tech as well—one that may not come to mind is the role of behavior analytics when it comes to marketing. 

Marketing teams have many lofty goals when it comes to achieving success; none more important than getting awareness across to consumers in an easy-to-understand, digestible manner.

A marketer is defined as: a person or company that advertises or promotes something. So—how does a free product like Microsoft Clarity help those “marketers” you ask? Below I will discuss a few role-oriented circumstances where it can help and how you can use the data and insights Clarity provides to do so! 

A/B Testing

When it comes to marketing, A/B testing is something that helps determine which copy or piece of content resonates more with the marketer’s target audience or web user. With A/B testing, there is usually a:

  1. “test” group (A) and
  2. a “control” group (B).

Both audiences receive different content to see which one performs better and has a higher CTR (Clickthrough rate) or open rate (OR). From this test, marketers can tell which content performed better with the audience or user, and in doing so, are able to make decisions on what to send out in a particular marketing asset and to whom.

With Clarity, by comparing heatmaps side-by-side a marketing individual would be able to tell which part of the website or what content was interacted with the most or what the most popular content is on a particular site. You can utilize date range, compare different URLs or use it to compare the two pages with different content to see which one performed better. The heatmaps allow you to see which A/B test you might want to move forward with in that period. By visually representing this through colors and percentages, one would be able to change how they go about marketing to the user they are trying to win over. Take a look at the example below comparing two different blog pages side by side:

CTAs (Calls to Action) 

CTAs are a big part of a marketer’s life. They are the “thing” that get the person to “do” whatever it is you may be promoting. Some examples of a CTA could be:

  • a “Sign Up Now” button
  • a “Purchase” button
  • a “Download” button
  • an incentivized banner

CTAs are the end goal of the user lifecycle and is the action marketers are trying to portray in a particular piece of content or material.

By using click maps within Clarity, you can see:

  • which CTAs on your site are most clicked on
  • how many clicks that button received

One example of this within Clarity that I particularly like is using the “Clicked text” filter. By using this you can directly search or add a particular field of text to see how many people clicked on that field and make changes accordingly depending on the data Clarity shows you. It is a win-win for both sides because you are able to see the data in real time and make decisions based off of that. 

Page Design & Website Optimization (Desktop vs Mobile)

The design of a particular webpage or landing page in marketing goes a long way. A marketing team usually works hand in hand with the design team on how they want the page to look and feel. The difference between desktop and mobile also comes into play.

Things may look a lot different on mobile than they do on desktop and vice versa. By utilizing area maps after a landing page or web page has been created, marketers and designers can see exactly:

  • what section of the site users spent time
  • how far they scrolled or did not scroll on the webpage
  • what they interacted with from a content perspective

All of these things are important when it comes to website optimization and how to best lay out your site both for mobile and desktop. You want it to be as user- friendly as possible and make it so that people stay and interact with your site for longer periods of time. Being able to view the different stats and behaviors for people who come from different ads can help with optimizing the ad copy and/or spend as well when it comes to paid media.

In addition, Clarity helps you view content for different recordings, screen resolutions, and also allows you to see how heatmaps look across desktop, tablet and mobile–something that I find very resourceful and informative.

Site Abandonment and High Bounce Rate

Lastly, as a marketer—you want to know where users are spending time and what content is being interacted with the most. How would Clarity help with this you ask?

  • Rage/Dead Clicks: Both dead clicks and rage clicks (along with click maps) allow you to see where and how a user is interacting on your site, both in frustration and with sucess. Rage clicks allow you to see an aggregate of a space where people are clicking on multiple times with no result—possibly something of interest to them or something that should have a link but does not. Dead clicks allow you to see where people are clicking on your site, and nothing is happening—a helpful tool to tell you that perhaps you should add content to those areas of your site.
  • Scroll Maps: Scroll maps allow you to see how far on your site someone is going past the fold, a tool to help you determine if the main CTA (Calls to Action) should be at the bottom of the page or not. All these data points allow you to make decisions based on user behavior and allow you to be a better marketer of the product, service or goods you are promoting. 

Through Clarity, perhaps a tool you never knew existed, a marketer can do several things that can help improve and enhance your day-to-day tasks. The ability to gather insights and data to test new ideas and strategies, try out new features or buttons and produce content that you have not created before are just some examples of how Clarity can be a beneficial tool for you and your team from a marketing perspective. To learn more and get started, check out our live demo or simply sign up and add Clarity to your site today! 

About Me: My name is Bobby and I am currently the Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Clarity. My previous roles in marketing have included SaaS, education, entertainment and e-commerce working in both the SMB and enterprise space. You can find me running @msftclarity on Twitter and IG. Give us a follow!