Clarity integration now in AB Tasty!

Our team is super excited to announce the native integration of Microsoft Clarity in AB Tasty! AB Tasty enables marketing, product, and tech teams to build and release better-validated user experiences. Whilst at the same time minimizing risk and accelerating time to market!   

Through AB Tasty you can now link your campaign data directly to Clarity! This will allow you to get exciting insights through session recordings and heatmaps! The native integration is a quick and easy way to use Clarity’s services for your AB Tasty campaigns. To learn how to link your AB tasty campaign data to Clarity here.

Jean-Yves Simon, Senior Vice President of Product at AB Tasty said:

“A key roadmap investment theme at AB Tasty is offering our customers an open extensible platform. We’re very excited to be announcing this new native integration with Microsoft Clarity, opening new ways for our customers to accelerate their Build-Measure-Learn cycles, and feeding their experience optimization roadmap with valuable insights from Microsoft Clarity.”

Partner Testimonial

” The seamless integration between AB Tasty and Microsoft Clarity allows us to go beyond metrics like events and conversions when reviewing the results of our experiments. Session replays allow us to visually understand how users are behaving and interacting with our different A/B Test variations and Multivariate Tests, and from different mobile devices and web browsers as well”.

Whitney Olsen – Optimization Director & Co-Owner Inetasia

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