Clarity integration now in the AIOSEO WordPress plugin!

Every business needs a strong online presence. A robust SEO strategy will help you do exactly that and get ahead of the competition.

Executing a solid SEO campaign though requires data and the right tools. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest integration with AIOSEO (All in One SEO), the leading WordPress SEO plugin.

What does the integration do?

Our Clarity x AIOSEO integration makes it easy to access all the tools you need to improve your website search ranking:

  • Clarity’s behavioral analytics offer deep insights into actions users take (or don’t take) on your site. Find bugs, test ideas, and track success with our heatmaps, session recordings and ML-based insights.
  • AIOSEO provides the SEO toolkit to help you implement these insights. The plugin enables you to optimize your site for users and search engines on all three major fronts of SEO — on page SEO, off page SEO, and technical SEO.

With Clarity integrated directly in the AIOSEO WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly configure your behavioral analytics within your SEO toolkit.

See how your users interact with your site in Clarity!

Turn insights into action with heatmaps, recordings and more!

Getting started

To get started, download the AIOSEO plugin from your WordPress account. Clarity is newly integrated into AIOSEO’s version 4.1.9 plugin.

Once you have activated AIOSEO, you’ll have to set up Clarity in the plugin. To do so, head to your General Settings » Webmaster Tools Verification in AIOSEO where you’ll find the Clarity integration.

Clicking on the Microsoft Clarity icon will open up a window where you can activate the addon by creating a new project.

Click on the link to create a new project, fill in the required information, and that’s it! Microsoft Clarity will be enabled for your site. You can now go to your Clarity dashboard and get user behavior analytics data for your website. 

This data can help you understand your users and optimize many facets of SEO, such as:

  • Understanding user intent
  • Optimizing your content and website design
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Improving conversion rates
  • Optimize your user experience (UX)

“Making SEO easy for everyone is one of our top priorities at AIOSEO. Adding the Microsoft Clarity integration into our WordPress plugin is just the next step in our mission to help small and mid-size businesses to level the playing field. The ability to use heatmaps and recordings will allow users to make data-driven decisions in improving their overall site experience leading to higher search rankings and better results overall.”

Benjamin Rojas, President of AIOSEO

SEO is a data-driven discipline. 

To succeed, you must base your campaigns on real data, not speculations. Clarity helps you take the guesswork out of what’s happening on your website and gives you insight into what your visitors want. AIOSEO helps you take action based on those insights.

The result is a website primed for visibility and conversions, and content optimized for search engines and users.