Clarity is Now Integrated with!

Clarity and

Our team is super excited to announce the native integration of Microsoft Clarity in! is a powerful software that can create apps, websites, client portals, and much more with just a few clicks.

It is the world’s largest ecosystem for building no-code apps. At Softr, they believe that everyone should have the ability to create the tools they need, without engineers or designers.

Through you can now link data directly to Clarity! With heatmaps and session recordings, you’ll be able to visualize vital data feedback on the projects you created with Softr. Learn how to link your data to Clarity here.

Mario Araujo, Growth Lead at said:

“ makes app building as easy as Lego. With Microsoft Clarity integrated, they are now able to understand how their users interact with their web and mobile applications. It’s like having users sitting right next to you.”

Just another reason to join Clarity! A free-forever feature-rich user behavior tool! Get started today!