Clarity Live Recording is Here!

Lights, camera, and action! Clarity now supports live sessions with zero delay. Starting this week, Clarity has added this functionality to Session recordings: Live recordings tab. You don’t need to do anything special to get this feature, just open your Clarity account and start accessing your real-time videos.

How to Watch Live Recordings

You’ll see Live Users and Distinct Users in your Clarity dashboard or session recordings. Select the Live Users recordings to view the users currently on your website. Live recording is perfect for checking if you installed Clarity correctly, monitoring bugs on a new feature launch, and getting a front-row seat to your customer’s experience.

You’ll be able to watch those users in real-time without delay or watch the session from the start up until they haven’t had any recent activity. There will be three different view settings that will indicate the viewing status.

Not Live

If you’re watching something that happened in the past, the button will say GO LIVE, letting you jump to where the user is right now on your website.


If the button says LIVE, you are currently watching the most updated actions your user is making. If you want to watch from the start, click the beginning of the timeline.

Waiting for Activity

This notification will appear if the user has paused their activity. It will resume as soon as the user begins to engage with your website.

Why Doesn’t My Recording Have a Live Option

If you’re looking at your session recording and don’t see the LIVE option, this means you’re viewing a recording from a past session. These are useful when filtering data to look at dead clicks, javascript errors, and any other query you desire.

Filtering in Live View

Since we are on the topic of filtering, there are a few options to filter through when using the live view. The main filters are device, browser, operating system, and country. This can help you narrow down the live recordings you would like to watch.

Tell Us How You Use Live Recording

Clarity Live Recording is a feature we are super excited about at Clarity. We will continue launching new features that will provide value to our users at a low fee of FREE forever 😀!

Give it a try, and if Live recording becomes a part of your team’s process, email us your story at We’d love to discuss featuring you in an upcoming customer case study!