Filter updates: new filters & sticky functionality!

Filters are a powerful tool that allows you to drill into the detail of your data. Furthermore, they help spot interesting patterns to aid decision-making and optimizing the user experience. The Clarity team is passionate about listening to customer feedback and for this reason, we have made some exciting updates.

1. We’ve made them sticky!

This feature update delivers easy switching between our different tabs: Dashboard, Recordings & Heatmaps without having to re-apply the filters as you analyze your site.

 The example below shows the user applying the ‘mobile’ filter in user info which results in easy switching between the dashboard and recordings.

clarity filter

2. New filters!

Secondly and equally important we have added new filters to Clarity.

For instance, within user info, we have now included Clarity User ID which gives the ability to view recordings for a specific user ID without compromising privacy. This is useful when looking at repetitive usage patterns of the same user!

clarity user id filter

The traffic filter has also been updated to include UTM tracking – source, medium, campaign. This is particularly useful when wanting to see which campaigns are driving traffic to your site.

UTM filters Clarity

To learn more about filters, click here

In conclusion, we love how Clarity filters are:

  • Easily applied!
  • Sticky!
  • Customizable!
  • Give results in seconds!

Get started today and see what your users want – with Clarity.