Find actionable insights quicker with new filter improvements 

Time is the most valuable asset for us all. Here at Microsoft Clarity, we wanted to streamline and simplify the way use Clarity for your behavioral analytics. We know how hard it is to filter through tons of website pages to find actionable data to act upon. That’s why we improved user experience by giving the ability to exclude certain attributes, AND/OR support, and enhancing URL path filtering to give back a little extra time.  

In the past, the search bar utilized regular expressions (regex) for searching specific URL paths, which could be challenging for those without a technical background. However, with this new update, Microsoft Clarity listened to user feedback and has switched to a more user-friendly approach. 

Ideas on how to use URL filters

Here are a few ideas of what you can accomplish with the improved URL filters: 

1. Filter your high-converting pages to determine what type of traffic, features, or UX design is attributing to your success.  

2. Pinpoint URLs with specific categories to take a granular look. 

3. If you already have an optimized page, you can exclude it to focus on the pages that need extra attention.  

4. Filter out admin, support, or login pages to focus on the customer-facing pages only.  

Learn the Operators

There are 7 operators in the updated filter with different purposes to enhance your data analytics experience. The following operators include: 

  • Is exactly (default) 
  • Starts with 
  • Ends with 
  • Contains 
  • Excludes 
  • Is exactly 
  • Is exactly not 
  • Matches regex  

There are many more use cases for these operators to enhance your filtering. If you want to learn how these operators work in more depth, check it out here.

In addition to the URL filters, we understand that some traffic is more important than others. That’s why exclusions were created to pinpoint the data that matters the most. For example, if you have traffic coming from multiple countries, you might want to exclude one so you don’t ship your products to them. That way, you can focus on the data that has an impact on your bottom line.  

We also created AND/OR support to help streamline Javascript debugging for software engineers.  

When looking at the difference between AND/OR filters, you can see a big change between the sessions, which allows you to pinpoint what exactly is the root cause of your Javascript error.  



Here at Clarity, we want to make your behavioral analytics experience as simple as possible, and with these changes, we did just that. 

Give it a try, and if you use the Clarity URL Path Filters regularly, email us your story at We’d love to discuss featuring you in an upcoming customer case study!