Label what matters with Clarity

Clarity labels

Labels is a new organization feature for Clarity. You can label sessions recordings with custom text to organize your findings and then come back to them later by filtering. Labels are shared across a project, meaning you can collaborate with your team members to find even more important recordings.

Labeling is easy:

  1. Go to recordings
  2. On a recording select more details
  3. In labels select a predefined label or create your own

✔️ Done

We have 4 predefined labels for you to choose from:

  • Bug
  • Interesting
  • Successful conversion
  • Abandonment seen
label recordings

Once your label is saved, you can filter by it to view all the related insights and recordings.

Label benefits

  • Storytelling: When you see a positive or unexpected behavior on your website, you can label those recordings. This will help you show your senior leaders a playlist of these recordings to deliver a compelling story. With our new downloads experience, sharing this list of recordings with your stakeholders will be even easier.
  • Conversion: When your website is achieving a desired goal, labelling these sessions will help you recognize user patterns and understand what works. You can use this information to create new experiences and drive higher conversion.
  • Fix bugs: By labelling recordings where you see the same bug, engineers can dive deep into the details of the issue. They can get a better understanding of when and why it’s happening and resolve it easier.

    We’re sure you will come up with even more useful ways to benefit from labelling!

To conclude, labeling within Clarity provides new and exciting ways to understand your data. It gives you the power to create groups of recordings that you and your team care about. Labeling can be used collaboratively to learn from your users and make changes to will benefit your website.

There are so many reasons to label, so start labeling today!