More e-commerce insights

E-commerce most viewed item

Back in September, we launched insights for our e-commerce customers! Today we add to those features with a new widget and more e-commerce filters for any website using Product JSON-LD.

Most Viewed Products metric

most viewed product widget

The metric on your Clarity dashboard shows what products on your site are getting the most views over your given timeframe. This allows you to do a number of things such as:

  • Watch session recordings to see why views may not convert to sales.
  • Creat marketing camapigns around top products.
  • Focus your sales funnel on most viewed products.
  • Use click and scroll heat maps to make sure your visitors are seeing the right CTAs to complete their purchase.
most viewed product recordings

6 New Product Filters

With the new product filters, you can easily find the insights and recordings you need. Here’s the line-up:

  • Price – see how visitors interact with products at different price points.
  • Brand – which brands are the most engaging.
  • Product Name – spot errors by product.
  • Availabilty – how does visitor behavior differ from products in stock to out-of-stock?
  • Rating – do popular items have the right call-to-action?
  • Number of ratings – see how you can improve your purchase funnel for highly rated products.

Our new metric and product filters will assist in making your e-commerce site a fulfilling customer experience! Enjoy!