Save time – Google Analytics segments now in Clarity

GA Clarity

Clarity and Google Analytics (GA) together are the ultimate #powercouple ❤️!

We know that when it comes to behavioral analytics having the right insight at the right time without having to switch between lots of applications is really important. That’s why you can now watch your GA segments sessions in Clarity’s recordings tab. Google Analytics segments are subsets of your GA data that allow you to isolate and analyze particular groups of data.

This awesome feature gives you the time you need to dig deep into the recordings that matter without having to create extra segments!

Watch your Google Analytics segments in Clarity today! Free forever!

How to setup your Google Analytics segments in Clarity

✔️ Step 1 

Sign up for Clarity today, it’s free forever!

Next, install the Clarity tracking code on your website. 

When you are done with the installation within minutes Clarity will almost immediately begin to record user sessions.

✔️ Step 2 

Go to Clarity’s Google Analytics integration page to learn how to install Clarity with GA.

Don’t forget to create a GA Custom Dimension for use with Clarity. You can call the custom dimension “Clarity Playback URL”. 

When the GA integration is complete you will be redirected to the Clarity Setup page. 

There is no delay, immediately after setup you will start seeing GA segments in the Recordings tab.

✔️ Step 3 

Go to the Recordings tab of your Clarity dashboard and click on Segments to see your GA segments. In the example below, you can see that the five GA segments are now imported into the Clarity dashboard.

Google Analytics in Clarity

Choose the GA segment recording you want to watch. In this example, we chose ‘Non-Converters’.

It’s really that easy!

So start saving time today! Get Clarity and Google Analytics together – The perfect analytical match! 😍