Say Goodbye to Manual Tracking: Introducing Clarity’s automatic Smart Events

Ever struggle to decipher your website analytics, unsure what data truly matters? Spending too much time adding code just to track a single user action? Clarity’s smart events are here to streamline your website’s user event tracking. Imagine this: your dashboard automatically tracks key user actions, like form submissions or account creations, without you lifting a finger. No coding, no setup – just clear, fast insights at your fingertips.

What are Clarity smart events?

Clarity detects key user actions on your website, creating smart events specific to it – all without you needing to write additional code!

For example, if you own an e-commerce website, Clarity can detect “Add to Cart”, “Start Checkout” and “Purchase” smart events for your site with no setup required. Or if you have ten different “Contact Us” buttons scattered across your website, Clarity can automatically compile them into a single “Contact Us” smart event – like the image below.

Using Clarity smart events

By labeling your sessions with the specific user events that occurred, Clarity helps you zoom quickly into what matters. Understand how many visitors are taking a certain action, watch recordings where those happen, and filter to see where they’re coming from.

Dashboard: View the smart events module in the Clarity dashboard. Your active smart events will show up here, along with links to watch session recordings and view heatmaps where these events happen.

Filters: Zoom into the sessions where a smart event happens, by filtering for it. See what campaigns bring in the most visitors who create accounts, or view the percentage of visitors who submit forms that are returning users.

Session Recordings: Watch user sessions where a specific smart event occurred. You’ll notice the event is annotated for you in the left-hand Events module or the recording timeline at the bottom of the recording.

Customizing smart events

We know that everyone’s journey requires different paths, so we’ve also made it easy to edit smart events to your liking—completely without code of course!

Create smart events: Clarity auto-populates for you all detected buttons, API events, auto-events and URL visits. Select the ones you’re interested in tracking and then name your event. It’s that simple!

Edit smart events: It’s also just as easy to add or remove events. Simply navigate to the event and select “Edit event”. It’ll pop out the same code-free catalog above for you to select from. 

Give it a try!

Microsoft Clarity’s Smart events are here to make your analytics easier than ever: 

1. Automatic event tracking: We’ve eliminated manual setup! Just log in and get straight to the session recordings that matter. 

2. Code-free implementation: Customize your events as needed in seconds without any code. We’ve already surfaced up all buttons and URL visits, so that you don’t need to.

3. Actionable insights: Pair your smart events with session recordings and our Copilot insights to rapidly identify conversion opportunities and user experience opportunities. 

Get started now by creating an account or viewing our documentation here!