What is NPS and how can Clarity make it better? 

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Curious about how your brand is perceived online? Trying to understand opportunities to improve? Let us share with you about NPS and how Clarity can help you optimize it.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that tells how likely your customers are to recommend your product or service. It is based on their score and placed into three categories — promoters (9-10), passives (7-8), and detractors (6 or less). With NPS, you can see who is talking about your brand online and learn which areas need improvement. By using Clarity, you can identify high-priority on-page issues that can improve the NPS score for your company. 

Net Promoter Score Scale 1-10

Net Promoter Score Scale

Before calculating your NPS score, you must collect customer feedback using a 0-10 scale. As shown above, anything below 6 is a detractor, 7-8 a passive, and a 9 or 10 is a promoter. These will be the three variables that you will use to measure customers when calculating the NPS score.  

Promoters (9-10) are your cream of the crop users. They are most likely to leave positive reviews, refer to their friend or colleague, and be loyal customers that help you surpass competitors in your industry. 

Passives (7-8) are not included in the NPS calculation but are still crucial to the company. These people can very easily be tilted in either direction and with a little nurturing, these customers can become promoters. 

Detractors (0-6) will likely be the individuals leaving negative reviews after their unsatisfied one-time purchase. Detractors shouldn’t be dreaded but embraced because they offer valuable feedback on where you need to improve your company or product. Take their words seriously, and you’ll improve customer satisfaction. 

How to Calculate NPS  

NPS is a simple formula calculated by subtracting the percentage of promoters by the percentage of detractors. You will ignore the passives (7-8) group since they will likely shift in either direction.

NPS Calculation Formula

Net Promoter Score Calculation

What is a good or bad NPS score?

You’ve calculated your NPS score and now you want to know if your NPS score is good or bad.  

A “good score” is technically anything above 0 as there would be more promoters than detractors. On the other hand, anything less than 0 would be considered a “bad” score, but we have to be mindful of NPS industry averages. An NPS score varies by industry, so you’ll need to search specifically in your industry to get an accurate score.

For example, Airline A has an NPS score of 3, which is technically good but compared to their competitors such as Airline B (NPS score of 41), Airline C (NPS score of 50), and Airline D (NPS score of 77), it needs improvement for that industry. 

How can Clarity Improve NPS 

Clarity is used to identify critical issues with your website and help you prioritize which issues or pain points you should address first to improve your NPS score. Clarity makes it simple to understand user behavior and visualize data with our heatmaps, insights, session recordings, and seamless integration with Google Analytics.  

  •  Heatmaps – A Heatmap (or heat map) is a type of data visualization that displays aggregated information in a visually appealing way. User interaction on a website includes clicks/taps, scrolls, mouse movements, etc. 
    • This can improve the NPS score by establishing a benchmark for recent customer experience. Use the heatmap compare feature to see the results of your A/B testing.
    • Helps identify content trends to see what customers resonate best with, what they click on, and what they scroll to
    • Allows you to allocate resources to improve low-performing content or web layouts 
  • Clarity Insights – Track what matters to pinpoint where customers are quickly becoming frustrated on your website. Investigate and fix them before it puts a wrench in your NPS score. 
    • Rage Clicks – See where customers repeatedly click. It might be a pain point that hurts the customer experience. 
    • Dead Clicks – See when customers click and nothing happens. It is a good indicator that something might not work on your website.
    • Quick backs – View how customers click to one page and return right back to the previous page. Maybe the connected content isn’t relevant to the user flow. 
    • JavaScript Errors – Narrow down recordings to sessions with JavaScript errors or image errors. See what the customer did prior and fix the issue.
  • Session recordings – You found some potential problems using heatmaps and insights, but you still aren’t sure what is going on. Don’t worry! Session recordings allow you to see what exactly happened when the customer visited your site. 
    • This function gives you a first-row seat to how your actual customers are using your website.
    • The power to see from a different perspective to spark ideas, find errors, and capture areas of opportunity make this a powerful tool to boost your NPS score.  
  • Google Analytics Integration – We know hard it can to work within all these different applications, but with our seamless Google Analytics integration you can see your metrics right inside of Clarity. 
    • Watch recordings for automatically imported Google Analytics segments to understand user behaviors that your team cares the most about.
    • Improve Google Analytics goals in Clarity and obtain insights into why some users drop off to minimize the number of detractors. 

With Microsoft Clarity,  you will quickly be able to identify the right questions to ask to get answers. For example, are my customers upset with the company, or are they frustrated with the process of getting the product from the company? Do not let a website take away from your fantastic product, instead use Clarity to wow them with a seamless user experience.  

A Clarity Conclusion  

NPS is an important metric to use to see what the overall customer sentiment is with a company. You can increase your customer experience, allocate resources, and improve your NPS score with Clarity.  

The more promoters you have, the better! Promoters are loyal supporters who promote the product or service on social media and share positive feedback to aid in business growth. They are also likely to purchase from you again if they were satisfied with their experience during the first purchase. 

Stop guessing how to improve your customers’ experience—get clarity with Clarity.

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