Gym Geek

Learn how the Recoreo team increased on-site time for Gym Geek by 31%.

What is Gym Geek?

Gym Geek is committed to providing well-researched and expertly curated workout routines and exercise guides to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Their platform offers free, meticulously crafted workout regimens and comprehensive exercise tutorials. With a focus on creating immersive and high-quality content experiences, Gym Geek caters to a diverse audience, from beginners to experienced bodybuilding enthusiasts.

They aim to establish themselves as the leading authority in online fitness content. Gym Geek seeks to set the standard for quality and accessibility in digital fitness through innovation and dedication.

Brendon Boshell, the founder of Recoreo, has been immersed in the software industry for a decade, garnering extensive expertise across diverse domains encompassing both business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-facing product landscapes.

Throughout his career, Brendon has assumed pivotal leadership positions within product-centric teams.


The Recoreo team was looking to improve content readership and on-page engagement for Gym Geek. They noticed that the average time on-site could be improved and that users were not scrolling down pages, which signaled that content needed to be improved.

Using Clarity

The Recoreo team used FullStory and Mouseflow before shifting entirely to Microsoft Clarity. This platform enables them to have a real-time understanding of how visitors interact with the Gym Geek website.

They use the session recordings every day to see how users react to new content or experiences. This helps them quickly identify potential issues or points of frustration and make necessary adjustments. They also use scroll maps to ensure that users fully engage with the content.

Clarity and Copilot has been instrumental in Recoreo’s work, allowing them to test new content experiences swiftly. Whether it’s a fresh content format or an interactive tool, they can promptly gauge user engagement. This agility in decision-making and optimization has led to significant improvements in user experience, reflected in their increased average time on site.  

In addition to looking at individual recordings, they use Session insights to create automated summaries across their recordings.

The Session Insights feature is a game-changer, providing actionable insights for website improvement. It suggests not only enhancements but also flags ‘Unsuccessful attempts,’ enabling quick identification of user frustrations with content or ads.

Actions Taken

To reach their goal of improving on-site time for Gym Geek, Clarity was able to provide insight with the help of Copilot to assist Recoreo with making three key website improvements:

  1. One of Copilot’s recommendations was to enhance their 90-day workout plan with interactive tools. Recoreo followed this advice and embedded a calorie calculator, which quickly became the most clicked button on the page with 10% of users engaging with it. This tangible result underscores the value of Copilot’s insights.
  • Copilot suggested adding a quiz to one of Gym Geek’s workout routines. This was not a product idea they had before. They rapidly built a new quiz feature and could instantly measure users interacting with the tool.
  • Copilot highlighted some “Unsuccessful attempts” where users were having problems with Vignette ads. The Recoreo team investigated this and adjusted the ad delivery settings to improve the user experience on the Gym Geek website.


As a result of the changes suggested by Clarity and implemented by the Recoreo team, they were able to increase time on-site for Gym Geek by 31%.


Clarity has proven invaluable for several reasons for Recoreo. Firstly, Session insights provided comprehensive summaries across all recordings, eliminating the need to watch each one individually for valuable insights.

This feature, unique to Clarity, has benefited the Recoreo team, offering efficiency not found in other tools. Additionally, Clarity’s simplicity in installation and seamless functionality without the need for extensive configuration further underscores its utility, making it a highly effective tool for optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity.

And finally, the suggestions offered by Copilot in Clarity were instrumental in creating engaging content and interactive website elements like the calorie counter and quiz which had a direct, positive impact on readership and user engagement.


“Microsoft Clarity is a must-have for any website. It provides a real-time pulse for our website, with useful tools like recordings, heatmaps and scroll maps. The Copilot AI feature provides relevant and accurate insight into user behavior, allowing us to quickly identify frustrating experiences and pursue new product opportunities.”

Brendon Boshell, Founder of Gym Geek