Social Gains

How Social Gains Prevented Its Client From Losing Thousands in Revenue

What is Social Gains?

Established in 2016 by Drew Clayton, Social Gains arose from Drew’s decade-long experience working in major digital agencies. Recognizing SMEs (subject matter experts) need to tap into their first-party data, especially those lacking insights into visitor behavior, Drew set out to bridge this gap. Social Gains focuses on enhancing conversion rates through web analytics, serving SaaS, e-commerce, healthcare, and B2B sectors.

Social Gains creates client acquisition systems that utilize both inbound and outbound channels, with web analytics as the cornerstone for all digital marketing strategies. The goal is simple: to help clients understand their data with a tailored web analytics approach for digital marketing. Web analytics is at the core of every strategy they implement, using tools like Clarity to explain and demystify reasons for low conversion rates to clients.


When a new pharmacy group client joined Social Gains, they highlighted a significant issue impacting revenue growth – the low number of online bookings for their primary services. Despite decent daily organic traffic, low-volume users were completing the online form. Even after extensive testing by in-house web developers, the root cause couldn’t be isolated to resolve it.

Using Clarity

To tackle this, the team at Social Gains used Clarity for detailed analysis, tracking user segments for specific URLs. In just hours, they pinpointed a specific problem with Android devices, which accounted for over 30% of all users.

Social Gains zeroing in on the issue using Clarity.

Clarity screen recordings showed users could only proceed up to step two on the form when using an Android device. This insight revealed a significant revenue loss running to 5 figures weekly, as hundreds of Android mobile users gave up booking out of frustration. This finding from Clarity was crucial in fixing the issue and preventing further financial losses for their pharma client. 

Actions Taken

Social Gains used a variety of Clarity features to find, explore, and rectify the problem for their client:

  • Session grouping summaries generated by CoPilot’s AI-powered insights and identifying top website user paths to reveal and resolve bottlenecks

CoPilot’s AI -Powered insights in Clarity.

  • Segmenting users by device (Android) with dashboard insights
  • Adding a filter to pinpoint dead clicks causing poor user experience


When Drew shared the website recording with their new pharma client, revealing almost 100 frustrated clicks from a single user, they felt relieved that Social Gains had identified this crucial website issue that could harm revenue generation and their brand.

Social Gains using session recordings to pinpoint poor user experience on their client’s site.

This quickly built trust among Social Gains and their new pharma client. Social Gains is currently enhancing the entire booking platform for their pharma client based on insights from Clarity, which has resulted in increased revenue for Social Gains.


Clarity’s ability to provide in-depth analytics into user segments through screen recordings and advanced filters, coupled with CoPilot’s AI-power insights, helped Social Gains to solve their client’s problem and foster their trust quickly.


Clarity is my go-to for all new clients, including my agency’s website. It’s the secret sauce for instantly fostering strong client relationships and reducing churn. I highly recommend adding Clarity to your agency’s toolkit and implementing it right away when onboarding new clients or integrating it into your audits. Clients are always impressed when they see the insights from Clarity heat maps.”

Drew Clayton, Head of Digital at Social Gains