Announcing Copilot on Clarity Mobile App Projects

Following its introduction to Clarity web projects, we’re thrilled to introduce that Copilot is now available for Microsoft Clarity SDKs projects as well. Our mission has always been to democratize analytics and help the world act on its data, and Copilot is our next big leap toward achieving that goal. 

How can Copilot + Clarity help me understand user behavior? 

There are two ways by which you can currently use Copilot features on Clarity projects:

  1. Session Insights
  2. Grouped session insights

Session Insights

Session replays provide valuable insights into user journeys on your website. However, reviewing numerous sessions can be time-consuming. Copilot generates key takeaways from session replays using Generative AI, saving you time and boosting productivity. 

To use it, simply click on the Summarize icon in the individual recording:  

Then view the session insights and key takeaways in the left side panel:

For more information, visit our documentation here.  

Grouped Session insights  

With grouped session insights, multiple session recordings are summarized at the same time. This feature allows you to extract key patterns briefly and pinpoint the recordings that are worth watching.  

To use it, simply click on the Summarize recordings icon on the top right of the Recordings panel:

Then view the grouped session insights in the left side panel:

Pro tip: if you have a specific segment of users you’d like to summarize, filter to that group first and select the “Top 10 recordings” option.   

For more information, visit our documentation here.  

But wait, there’s more! We’re committed to continuous improvement. As we develop Copilot features, we want to keep you in the loop! Your feedback and suggestions will shape our journey, and together, we’ll redefine how data works for you. 

Some of the exciting new features that are coming to Copilot on Clarity for mobile apps soon are: 

  1. Heatmaps insights*: The Heatmap insights feature allows for you to summarize across multiple heatmaps for any app screen. Copilot parses through the taps heatmaps and across aggregated user sessions for a specific screen, and outputs a descriptive summary. This means you get a more complete understanding of the aggregated user behavior of your app in just seconds.  

*This feature is already available for web projects and is coming soon to mobile apps projects. 

  1. Clarity Chat: With natural language querying, you can now look up your Clarity project and receive concise summaries. Copilot helps you explore your data faster and more efficiently, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

Copilot in Clarity is a game-changer, and we can’t wait to see how it transforms your analytics experience. Read more about Copilot and Clarity in our recent blog post here! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Let’s make data accessible and actionable together!

Ready to experience Copilot on Clarity? Sign up for Microsoft Clarity today and embark on a data-driven adventure!