The Quick Guide to Microsoft Clarity’s Copilot

If you’re ready to streamline your data analysis and boost productivity, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of Microsoft Clarity’s Copilot -empowering you to navigate our Copilot features with ease and confidence.  

A bit of context

To understand our Copilot features, it helps to understand first what Microsoft Clarity is. If you’re familiar with us, skip ahead to the next section.  

If you’re new to Microsoft Clarity, welcome! We are a free behavioral analytics tool, helping you optimize your website by understanding your site visitors. What journey do they follow on your site? What parts do they love? What pages do they have trouble on? We offer session recordings, heatmaps and insights to help you understand pain points and opportunities. Did we mention we’re free

Intro to Copilot

To make data analysis easier and faster for you, we’ve integrated a suite of Copilot features to help you skip directly to the important info. We offer three Copilot summarization features (and an upcoming Chat feature in the coming weeks!). These features all incorporate generative AI through Large Language Models (LLMs), the same technology that underpins ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Let’s check them out! 

1. Session insights

Session insights quickly summarize a session recording for you. Instead of manually making your way through countless, long recordings, just use our Session insights feature to understand the recording within seconds. 

To use it, simply click on the Summarize icon in the individual recording: 

For more information, visit our documentation here

2. Grouped Session insights 

Our next Copilot feature is Grouped Session insights, which summarize multiple session recordings at a time. This feature allows you to extract key patterns at a glance and pinpoint the recordings that are worth watching. 

To use it, simply click on the Summarize icon on the top right of the Recordings panel. Pro tip: if you have a specific segment of users you’d like to summarize, filter to that group first and select the “Top 10 recordings” option.  

For more information, visit our documentation here

3. Heatmap insights

The Heatmap insights feature allows for you to summarize across multiple heatmaps for a website page. In other words, given a page URL, our Copilot parses through the click heatmaps and scroll heatmaps across all three devices for that URL and outputs a descriptive summary. This means you get a more complete understanding of the aggregated user behavior of a website page in seconds.  

To use it, simply click on the Summarize button in the top right corner of the Heatmaps tab.  

For more information, view the documentation here.  


Our mission with Clarity is to make behavioral analytics more accessible for everyone, even non-technical folks. When we roll out Copilot features, our aim is to make the latest generative AI technologies available for everyone and contribute to faster, easier analytics. Stay tuned as we roll out more Copilot features in the coming weeks! 

If you have feedback to share on this guide or our Copilot features, tweet us @msftclarity or contact our Support team. We’d love to hear from you!