Unveiling Enhanced Features: A Deeper Dive into the Redesign Launch 

We’re excited to share the latest enhancements that come with our redesigned platform. Brace yourselves for a seamless and enriched user experience as we introduce a slew of features that make Clarity even more powerful. Let’s explore these upgrades! 

Segments: Tailored for You

Segments is no longer just a feature; it’s a personalized experience. Pin your favorite segments to automatically apply them whenever you visit your Clarity project. For example, you can create a segment for the “Last 30 days” time frame. Once you pin it, you’ll see data for the last 30 days every time you return to Clarity. In addition, we added a search bar to make selecting the specific segment easier than ever. Its segmentation reimagined for your unique analytical needs.

Watchlist: Your Personalized Data

Introducing Watchlist, your go-to tool for personalized monitoring. Keep a close eye on the segments, custom tags, and labels that matter most to you. With customizable choices, you have the flexibility to curate your data universe, ensuring that nothing escapes your attention.  

Timestamp Share: Unleashing Precision in Sharing 

Say goodbye to vague references! With Timestamp Share, you can now pinpoint specific moments in session recordings and share them effortlessly. Whether it’s a crucial data point or an interesting discovery, your shared insights will make collaboration more effective than ever. 

Expanded Metrics: Uncovering Insights with Source, Channel, and More 

Explore your data in greater detail. We’ve added new dashboard views including Source, Channel, Campaign, and Referral, offering deeper insights into the origins and pathways of your data. This expanded toolkit ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape, empowering you to make more informed decisions. 

New, Returning, and Top User

At a glance, gain a comprehensive understanding of your website’s audience dynamics. This feature visually breaks down the number of new visitors, returning loyalists, and even your top-engaged user. Quickly view heatmaps and session recordings so you can effortlessly track and analyze the pulse of your website’s user engagement, ensuring you’re always in tune with your audience’s behavior and preferences.

Improve Together

We’ve added a like/dislike option, conveniently available at the end of your session recordings. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. It allows us to elevate the quality of the session recordings we present to you, ensuring an even better and more tailored experience.

The redesign launch isn’t just a facelift; it’s an upgrade aimed at providing a more intuitive, powerful, and personalized experience. Embrace these features, explore their depths, and let the data-driven journey continue with newfound precision and insights. Thank you all for coming along on this journey as we continue to improve, grow, and build a loyal community!