Clarity Monthly Recap [October 2023]

As the leaves turn and October comes to an end, Microsoft Clarity has not been idle amidst the autumnal transformation. Our team, fueled by feedback and pumpkin spice lattes, has been hard at work to bring a suite of new features to enhance your experience. This month’s recap is brimming with updates that promise to streamline your workflow and provide deeper insights into your mobile and web analytics. 

Clarity Redesigned  

The most noticeable difference you’ll see coming from the month of October is our new look. Don’t worry, it’s not just a Halloween costume, it is here to stay! Microsoft Clarity’s interface has undergone a significant redesign, enhancing usability and aesthetics. This all derived from user feedback, which is designed to spark an intuitive and innovative environment to use Microsoft Clarity.  

Alongside the delightful redesign comes the enhanced feature improvements. Each improvement was carefully created to make Clarity efficient and easy. We strive to make Microsoft Clarity user friendly for everyone, so you don’t need a background in data analytics to achieve amazing results. Learn about all the new redesign features here. Most would call that a good month of work, but we have a few more treats! 

Zapier Integration 

You asked and we delivered! Microsoft Clarity got a supercharge with its latest integration with Zapier. Unleash the power of automation with the ability for real-time monitoring, automatic notifications, and customizable alerts. But wait! There is more, much more, in fact It’s 2,000 plus more applications that are now able to be seamlessly connected with Clarity, thanks to Zapier.  

Live Users on Mobile 

As we continue exploring the ever-evolving landscape of digital analytics, it’s important to emphasize the significance of real-time data in understanding your website’s reach. For those who depend on this immediacy to make informed decisions, there’s an exciting development to share. The “Live Users” feature, a tool that was previously limited to desktop users, has now been extended to mobile platforms. This expansion means that mobile users can now enjoy the same real-time insights into website traffic and user engagement that desktop users have been benefiting from, marking a significant step in our commitment to providing comprehensive analytics tools across all devices.  

Mobile SDK Updates    

The latest update for our Android SDK is version 2.0.0, which marks a significant advancement in our technology. This version is particularly notable for its enhanced data capture methodology, designed to improve both the efficiency and resilience of the SDK. In response to customer feedback, we’ve introduced several new features. One of these is the setCustomSessionId API, which allows SDK users to assign custom IDs to their sessions. This feature not only facilitates the tracking of unique features within your app but also enables the synchronization of session data across various platforms. Additionally, we’ve implemented a new function that gives users the ability to control the capture of specific screens within their app. This is achieved through the ‘allowedActivities’ and ‘disallowedActivities’ configuration lists, which can be set during the initialization of the Clarity SDK in your app’s code, thereby offering a customizable experience in terms of screen capture management. 

As we wrap up this month’s recap, we hope the new features of Microsoft Clarity not only meet your expectations but exceed them. We’re committed to evolving with your needs, and October’s offerings are a testament to that promise. Stay tuned for what’s next, unlike our beloved pumpkin spice lattes, Microsoft’s innovation is always in season.