Happy 1st birthday, Clarity!

happy birthday clarity

Wow! What an amazing week celebrating Clarity and our big milestone – our 1st Birthday!

Since its launch, our mission has been to make behavioral analytics more accessible and actionable. A year on, it’s still our driving motivation.

As Clarity’s birthday celebrations come to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank Clarity users all over the world. Without you, Clarity would not be the product it is today.

For our final celebration post, we have a few more messages to share.

The Clarity team

Our global team works tirelessly to make Clarity a product our users find helpful and useful. Click the video below to meet some of our team (and get a sneak peek into how we’ve worked during the pandemic).

New features: birthday edition

area heatmap

Area maps

Side-by-side view of two heatmaps, to understand historic and current user behavior.

heatmap compare

Heatmap compare

Aggregated heatmap to see how users engage with elements and larger parts of your page.

Emphasis on e-commerce & blogs

We’ve also started focusing on targeted insights based on your site category. Our new e-commerce and blog features will game-change how you understand your visitors.

Content insights

Content insights

See the distribution of reader types and reading behavior on your site -are readers finishing the article or abandoning at headline?

E-commerce most viewed item

Product filters

Slice and dice sessions by product name, their price, their brand, average ratings, and more

checkout abandonment

Purchase conversions & abandonments

Watch successful sessions and isolate the key Checkout steps prone to buyer abandonment

There’s more…

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also include some feature highlights from this past year that we think you’ll love. 

More AI / ML

  • In addition to our fan-favorite ‘rage clicks’, enjoy additional smart behavioral metrics like quick backs

Smoother experiences

  • Track interesting playbacks by labeling or favoriting them for other teammates to see
  • Switch seamlessly between heatmaps and recordings – see heatmaps for recordings you care about & see recordings for the heat areas of interest

Tighter integrations

  • Reuse your GA configurations to filter Clarity data with existing GA segments
  • Get connected to the right Clarity playbacks with Clarity’s own GA dashboard

Deeper filters

  • Slice and dice with new UTM filters, and retain all applied filters when you switch across verticals

Additional updates & features

  • Require user cookie consent to enable Clarity
  • Support single-page apps
  • Block specific IP addresses

Clarity tweets that make our weeks

And of course, we love hearing from you. See below some of the tweets that have excited our team over the last months:  

❤️ https://twitter.com/jasoncartwright/status/1449016749849030659

😍 https://twitter.com/KristenSousa/status/1433808493249798146

👍 https://twitter.com/CyrusShepard/status/1356408320765042689

😎 https://twitter.com/RyanJones/status/1423344433844658176

😊 https://twitter.com/WebMngr/status/1443674239664594946

💖 https://twitter.com/navahf/status/1423335010933907462


This past year has been an exciting ride for us at Clarity…and we’re only getting started.

We have some cool features in the works and would love for you to join us on the ride! Tell us what you like and what you want more of:

Our team is looking forward to Year 2 and hope you are too!