Unlocking New Insights: Microsoft Clarity Now Integrated with HubSpot 

In the dynamic world of digital marketing and sales, understanding user behavior is paramount. We’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience and provide deeper insights into your user interactions. Today, we are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature that takes user analysis to the next level – Clarity’s integration with HubSpot

Why This Integration Matters 

Microsoft Clarity’s integration with HubSpot is a game-changer for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. By combining Clarity’s robust session recording capabilities with HubSpot’s powerful CRM and marketing automation tools, you can now achieve a holistic view of your customer journey. 

Key Benefits of the Integration 

  1. Enhanced User Insights: With Clarity integrated into HubSpot, you can effortlessly access session recordings directly from your HubSpot contact timeline. This means you can see exactly how users are interacting with your site, identify pain points, and understand their behavior in real-time. 

Example: Imagine a user fills out a form on your website but doesn’t proceed to make a purchase. With Clarity’s session recordings available in HubSpot, you can watch the user’s journey, pinpoint where they encountered issues, and take steps to optimize that part of the process. 

  1. Streamlined Workflow: No more toggling between different platforms. With this integration, all the data you need is in one place. This not only saves time but also allows for more cohesive and informed decision-making. 

Example: Your sales team can now see how leads are interacting with your website, directly within HubSpot. This context allows them to tailor their outreach, making conversations more relevant and increasing the chances of conversion. 

  1. Better Preparedness: By having a comprehensive view of user behavior, your marketing and sales teams are better prepared for interactions with potential customers. Use the insights gained from Clarity to refine your strategies and improve your overall user experience. 

Example: Suppose a particular landing page isn’t performing well. With the integration, you can analyze user behavior on that page through Clarity’s recordings, identify the problem areas, and optimize the page accordingly – all while keeping your team in the loop via HubSpot. 

How to Get Started 

Getting started with the Clarity and HubSpot integration is simple and straightforward: 

  1. From Clarity: 
  • Go to your Clarity project settings. 
  • Navigate to the integrations tab and activate HubSpot. 
  • Choose the HubSpot project that you want to link with Clarity. 
  1. From HubSpot: 
  • Go to the Contacts hub and select a created contact 
  • Open the filters and ensure that Microsoft Clarity is chosen. 
  • You can now view session recordings of your contacts directly in HubSpot. 

This seamless integration ensures that you have all the information you need to make data-driven decisions and improve your user engagement and conversion rates. 

Join the Revolution 

We are incredibly excited about this integration and believe it will bring immense value to your business. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, or customer support, the combined power of Microsoft Clarity and HubSpot will provide you with the insights you need to drive success. 

Learn more about the Clarity x HubSpot integration in our documentation and try it out for yourself!