Introducing Funnels in Clarity! 

We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that funnels are coming to Clarity! Now you can easily track the steps users take before reaching a goal or conversion. 

What are funnels? 

  • Funnels are simply an ordered group of actions a user takes before converting or completing a goal. For example, a checkout funnel for an e-commerce website could include add to cart, begin checkout, and then purchase. 

Why are funnels useful? 

  • Funnels are useful because they show how users progress through a specific flow and how many sessions convert or drop off between steps. This lets you identify specific pages or areas where users struggle the most. You can use this information to make improvements to the funnel steps and increase conversion rates! 

Creating a funnel

  • Creating funnels in Clarity is super simple! From the settings page, simply add smart events or URL visits to a funnel, enter a name, and click save. 

Using funnels 

  • Once you create a funnel, you can view it in the dashboard. Here you will see three key metrics as well as the chart itself. The top-level metrics are: 
    • Conversion rate: The percentage of sessions that complete the entire funnel 
    • Sessions converted: the number of sessions that complete the entire funnel 
    • Median time to convert: The median time it took to complete the funnel 
  • For each step, you will see the number of sessions that did or did not reach it. You can then view heatmaps and recordings at each point for more detailed analysis.
  • You can add a funnel step as a filter to better segment your data

See for yourself! 

Now that you’ve read about funnels, go try it out for yourself! Learn more about funnels in our documentation.

  1. Create your first funnel in settings. Just drag and drop! 
  1. Visualize conversions and drop-offs. Easily understand which steps of the funnel you need to improve the most 
  1. View heatmaps and recordings. Better understand what might be causing the issue and what improvements to make